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Graduates share what they enjoy most about working for AECOM

Graduates share what they enjoy most about working for AECOM

 July 01, 2021

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Do you have your eye on the future and want to make a difference? With expert teams around the globe collaborating to deliver game-changing projects, AECOM provides the resources and environment to help you turn your education and knowledge into limitless career potential.

AECOM encourages creativity, supports flexibility, values diversity and embraces the new and the ground-breaking. At AECOM, you’ll be exposed to more technical excellence and disciplines than anywhere else, working with visionary clients, partners, colleagues and mentors.

Whether you’re completing university or still studying, AECOM has a wide variety of graduate, internship and work study positions available to meet your needs so you can balance both your personal and professional aspirations.

Be a disrupter, be an innovator, be a collaborator. Join AECOM and help the world think bigger.

Meet Heather, a Water Consultant at AECOM

AECOM Water Consultant Heather talks about her role at AECOM, her favourite project, and what she enjoys most about working for AECOM as part of its graduate development programme.

Heather also talks about the social scene in AECOM's Birmingham office, and the benefits of flexible working at AECOM.

Meet Natasha, a Fire Engineering Graduate at AECOM

Fire Engineering graduate Natasha talks about her role at AECOM, her favourite project, the flexibility and work-life-balance she has experienced at AECOM, and what she enjoys most about working for the company.

Meet Kathryn, a Bridge Structures Engineering Graduate at AECOM

Bridge Structures Engineering graduate Kathryn explains her favourite work she has done for AECOM so far and her work with local schools as a STEM ambassador.

Kathryn also talks about her opportunity to go to Peru though AECOM to help build a school for indigenous Peruvian girls.

Since filming, Kathryn has had the opportunity to further develop her experience at AECOM and has joined the Stakeholder Engagement Services team as a Graduate Consultant.

Meet Suzie, a Transport Planning Graduate at AECOM

Transport Planning graduate Suzie talks about her role at AECOM, her favourite project, her education background and how this sparked her interest in Transport Planning, why she enjoys working for AECOM as a graduate, and the social scene at AECOM.

Meet Tia and Josh, Building Structures Engineering Graduates at AECOM

Building Structures Engineering graduates Tia and Josh talk about their work for AECOM along with their favourite projects worked on to date. They detail their CSR activities through AECOM, outline the great social scene, and talk further about their work with AECOM in Australia.

Launch your graduate career at AECOM

Whether you’d like to begin your career close to home or work in a city far away, AECOM provides unlimited opportunities for recent graduates in any number of fields and professions.

You’ll have the chance to work alongside industry leaders on exciting projects for influential clients in a variety of markets as well as the public agencies that benefit our everyday lives.

Work on iconic projects that help shape and connect cities and communities. Start your early career journey with AECOM.


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