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WSP highlights employee thoughts on inclusion during Pride Month

WSP highlights employee thoughts on inclusion during Pride Month

 July 05, 2021

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WSP knows the importance of fostering a work environment where employees can reach their full potential and be their true selves - a place where differences are respected and valued, and where everyone feels like they belong.

Hear from some of WSP's inspiring employees who are helping the company create a more inclusive and diverse culture.

Leading with compassion


Ivy Kong is Chief Executive Officer for WSP in Asia. She shares what it means to be working in a professional environment where inclusion and diversity are core values.

“I think a firm with inclusion and diversity at heart values everyone equally – providing an equal platform and equal opportunity for all employees regardless of age, race, gender, etc., so that they can unleash their full capabilities and develop their competencies," she explains. "Of course, they will be recognized and rewarded on an equal basis as well.”

Growing by lifting others


Lauren Wheeler is a Water Resources Engineer for WSP, based in the USA. She explains the small steps everyone can take to show that they are allies to the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Pride month isn’t just about rainbows and parades – it’s also about learning and finding ways to interrupt our current system that generally oppresses the queer community. The easiest way to do that is putting our money where our morals are," she adds.

"Set up a monthly payment to an organization; purchase a book or artwork from someone who is out and trying to make their way as a writer or an artist. Use your power as an individual to support the LGBTQ+ community!”

Together, go further in your career at WSP

WSP strongly believes that building inclusive and diverse teams provide fresh perspectives, leading to innovative solutions that help society thrive.

Join a united team at WSP to advance your career.


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