Schneider Electric shares facts to raise awareness for Pride Month

Schneider Electric shares facts to raise awareness for Pride Month

 July 05, 2021

Schneider Electric believes diversity is a business imperative, where diverse teams are more creative, generating more innovation and better customer orientation by reflecting the diversity of our markets. This includes attracting, promoting, and retaining LGBTQ+ employees in Schneider Electric

As part of its commitment to supporting the personal and professional growth of LGBTQ+ employees, Schneider Electric celebrated Pride Month in its own unique way.

The company shared a series of facts on its Twitter feed that educated others about LGBTQ+ culture both at Schneider Electric and within the wider community.

Check them out below.

Did you know...

...Pride Month began after the 1969 uprising following the police raid of New York City’s beloved gay bar, Stonewall Inn? Since then, June has been recognized as the official Pride Month by the LGBT+ community with Pride Day being celebrated on June 28.

Did you know...

...That allyship is a key part of building an inclusive culture at work? It’s rooted in education, and being an informed advocate for a marginalized group.

Schneider Electric Senior Vice President Tina Kao Mylon's explores the power of allyship, and how people can make a positive impact in a way that works best for them.

Did you know...

...That in 2016, Schneider Electric's first LGBT+ and Allies Employee Resource Group was founded for employees to support each other in bringing their true selves to work. The employee resource groups focuses on networking, professional development, community involvement and business outreach.

Did you know...

...That many LGBT+ couples face challenges when applying for work benefits?

Schneider Electric's family leave policy supports LGBT+ parents with equal paid leave globally. 

The company's family leave policy is designed to support employees to manage effectively their work-life and family needs at different stages in life. The policy also supports a diverse workforce and enables employees to contribute their best and make a difference. 

Did you know there are plenty of great jobs at Schneider Electric?

Seize the opportunity to join an international, dynamic, and responsible company that fosters the development of all its people and communities around the world.

Every day, Schneider Electric challenges employees to achieve more and experience exciting careers. 

Find a rewarding career with Schneider Electric.


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