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I thrive via my Data Security work for EY

“Security and protection of data is paramount to my work and a key concern for the clients I advise,” imparts Anna Hynek, a very diligent Manager at EY Australia. “All our engagements in IT involve an aspect of ensuring that the architecture, software, access controls and governance protects data,” she explains.

Anna’s day to day responsibilities vary from project to project but they mainly involve identifying the underlying problem a client is facing with regard to technology. She then collaborates in designing options that involve working with people in the business, understanding and reconfiguring processes, analysing the impact on people regarding the problems and proposed solutions.

Client satisfaction is key

Anna works within an impressive team. She recalls a specific project where her team received a 100% positive client satisfaction rating for an engagement that she advised on for a big four bank to develop a term sheet for a managed service big data platform.

A gender blind approach to recruitment

Anna says that EY is an employer that offers challenging work, engaged teams and a collaborative culture. “EY is continuously offering training in new and emerging technologies as well as providing a wealth of information about industry and technology trends,” explains Anna. “EY also provides an incredible network where people are willing to support one another. There’s also true flexibility offered, and a gender blind approach to resourcing.”

Access to female mentors

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