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HCL stands committed to fostering a diverse & inclusive work culture

HCL stands committed to fostering a diverse & inclusive work culture

 July 14, 2021

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HCL Technologies is proud to be a member of the Germany Diversity Charter, Charta der Vielfalt, and stands committed to foster a diverse and inclusive work culture.

This aligns with HCL's belief that progress is best achieved through inclusivity and collaboration.

Supporting an unbiased working environment

The Charta der Vielfalt promotes the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity in business culture in the knowledge that, when organisations make use of their employees’ diversity, they boost their success and are attractive employers.

In signing the Charter, HCL demonstrates its support for an appreciative and unbiased working environment.

Ensuring employees feel included and valued

HCL believes that everyone has a unique identity that influences how they work most productively. No matter how different we are, all of us need an environment that is safe, positive, and nurturing.

HCL’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy was crafted keeping in view that every employee feels included and valued. By fostering a climate free of bias, where equity and mutual respect are intrinsic, HCL is a results-oriented and caring organization that draws intellectual strength and produces innovative solutions from the synergy of its people.

HCL is very focused on inclusion to maximize talent attraction, growth, and retention. The company's talent strategy is focused on four pillars of Diversity and Inclusion which include:

Bring your unique self to HCL

HCL's DNA of innovation and its tradition of creating customer value by going far beyond what is expected happen because its employees come from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures.

Bring your unique contribution to HCL.

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