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Apply for the HCL First Careers program to unlock your first job

Apply for the HCL First Careers program to unlock your first job

Looking for a career program to unlock your first job?

The HCL First Careers program provides now and next skills to get your tech career started in the corporate world.

The program provides assured jobs even in uncertain times.

And, importantly, it provides global exposure from working with Fortune 500 clients.

The programs go beyond mere training – they open viable career options that accelerate professional growth in the IT industry. Students successfully completing the training programs are employed in HCL Technologies.

HCL First Careers is the division subsidiary of HCL Technologies that offers a career launch pad for engineers into the corporate world.

Secure your first job with HCL Technologies

The advantage of HCL First Careers program lies in its ability to identify your first job at HCL, train you to be successful, and place you in it at the end of the training.

Candidates who join HCL First Careers program get:

  • Now + Next Training - learn cutting-edge technologies with practical on-demand skills alongside access to best-in-class training infrastructure & subject matter expertise
  • Global Exposure - work on real-world problems of global customers
  • Communication & Leadership Skills - Gain contemporary communication and presentation skills

HCL's degree assured job training program

HCL First Careers is a 360-degree assured job training program that is aimed at new college graduates who are looking for the right first step for their global career in technology and IT Services. The program trains you with the practical skills needed to be successful in your first job. This includes both technical and personality development skills. You will learn from experienced professionals how to develop yourself personally and professionally to be successful in your job. Training will go beyond theory and focus on practical application for all-round success.

In the past few years, over 15000 candidates across the country have undertaken HCL Training & Hiring Programs and joined HCL post their successful completion of the program. HCL Training & Staffing Services offers the best-in-class, skill-based training programs for entry-level job roles across HCL. Candidates are selected through a strict selection process with those selected, undergoing rigorous training.

HCL First Careers program for engineers

HCL First Careers program for Fresher Engineers is the launch pad for entry-level job roles in HCL Technologies. During the 6-month job training at the end of which a job is assured for those who complete the program successfully, candidates undergo three months of Extensive Classroom Training (offered virtually) and three months of Professional Practice Term where candidates get to work on live global projects in HCL Technologies.

HCL First Careers program for graduates

HCL First Careers program for Graduates prepares them for non-tech and enabling job roles for entry-level positions at HCL Technologies. During the training period, candidates undergo virtual Extensive Classroom Training and Professional Practice Term where candidates are given the opportunity to work on live global projects in HCL Technologies. The Graduate Program has multiple career tracks and interested students can select and choose the career option that is line with their expectations and future growth plans.

HCL is helping more women into technology careers

HCL's #SheInspires campaign captures the life stories of women who have blazed a trail in the STEM fields - and these stories can help inspire the next generation of women leaders in STEM.

HCL has a long and impressive track record in recruiting, retaining and developing female talent. and in supporting women across industry

Learn more about being trained by and working for award-winning HCL

HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises re-imagine their businesses for the digital age. 

They offer a very diverse and inclusive work culture - and the career pathways and projects are very exciting.

Research the HCL First Careers program or learn more about the company and it's career options.  


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