Nottingham Trent University is a top university for job prospects

Nottingham Trent University is a top university for job prospects

 August 03, 2021

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Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has been named across ten different award categories in the StudentCrowd University Awards including 'Best Universities for Job Prospects’ and ‘Best Universities for Campus and Facilities/’ 

The StudentCrowd University Awards are 100% based on student reviews and helps provide recognition to universities for their work in teaching and supporting students.

Winning across multiple categories

In 2020 UCAS, a centralized service that students use to apply to university in the UK, discovered that ‘online reviews by students’ are the second most important resource for prospective students when making a decision on which university to attend. 

Therefore, NTU is delighted that it features across multiple categories in the 2021 StudentCrowd University Awards including:

  • Best Universities for Job Prospects (Top 20)
    Almost every student goes to university in the hope of improving their job prospects. So, as concerns around graduate recruitment grow, our university league table of job prospects is more important than ever. 
  • Best Universities for Campus and Facilities (Top 20)
    From sports pitches to science labs, access to world class facilities can really enhance your university experience. Investment in high quality study spaces as well as social spaces can make all the difference.
  • Best Universities for Clubs and Societies (Top 20)
    Clubs and societies can be at the heart of your university experience. They are the place to meet new people, try new experiences and have fun. 
  • Best Universities for Students’ Union (Top 10)
    The quality of a Students' Union might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re deciding which uni to go to, but it is one of the key areas that can really impact your university experience. 
  • Best Universities for Careers Service (Top 20)
    Before you have even set foot in your first lecture (physically or online!), one of the questions that will be running through your mind is ‘will this course help me get a good job?’ Most people go to university to help move further along in their career. 
  • Best Universities for Wi-Fi and Internet (Top 10)
    There is almost nothing more important than access to good internet. That makes the IT services team one of the biggest unsung heroes of university life! IT services’ job is to make sure you never miss a second of connection and to ensure the university network runs smoothly.
  • Best Universities for Value for Money (Top 20)
    Let’s face it, university can be an incredibly expensive business, which will either take years to save up for or years to pay off. So, probably the most basic question on all students' minds is “Am I going to get good value for money on this course or university experience?”
  • Best Universities for Teaching Quality (Top 20)
    The quality of the teaching you receive is central to your university experience. The UK university system is one of the best in the world, so you can guarantee world class teaching and learning. 
  • Best Universities for Course Content (Top 20)
    Who wouldn’t want to be taught by engaging, enthusiastic lecturers, with bang up-to-date course content? Ttop Universities for Course Content is the place to start looking to find out which institutions are best in their class for course content.
  • Best Universities for Personal Tutor (Top 20)
    The support a personal tutor provides can make all the difference. Student reviews show that personal tutors have become even more important since COVID-19. As courses move to deliver more content online, your university tutor can be one of the only staff members you have a direct relationship with at university. 

Based on student experiences

The award results were based on 19,323 student reviews from across 11 different categories and ranks NTU against other universities in the UK. 

This is an independent award and is based purely on real students’ experiences. 

Ranking among top 20 universities 

Winning a place in the above categories means that NTU is within the top 20 universities in the UK across these areas.

These results show how highly students rate their NTU experience and the university is proud to be recognized by these awards.

Work for an award-winning university

To attract, motivate and retain highly talented people, NTU forges a culture that weaves together the ambition of the university with the aspirations of the individual; a place that empowers you and rewards collaboration.

Bring your career to an award-winning university.

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