Beam Suntory sustainability focus motivates women employees

Beam Suntory sustainability focus motivates women employees

 August 31, 2021

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Many of us want to find purpose in the job that we do and who we choose to work for. We want our working life to have a higher purpose that goes beyond doing a job and earning an income. Helping make a positive difference in the world — or at least working for an employer who wants to make the world a better place — can be incredibly motivating and rewarding.

Beam Suntory has a long-term commitment to living its values and actively contributing to a more sustainable, equitable future. Beam Suntory’s work culture is charged, creative and challenging, with endless opportunities to "Unleash Your Spirit" every day. Its people love to work together across functions and borders to inspire innovation and drive winning results in the right way.

Beam Suntory focuses on sustainability across every facet of its value chain, from seed to sip, through a program known as Proof Positive. This bold sustainability strategy reaches across all facets of Beam Suntory, with the company planning to invest more than $1 Billion to make positive impacts on the environment, consumers, and communities.

Here we meet some of the talented women working at Beam Suntory to find out how and why they are motivated by the company’s commitment to helping forge a sustainable future.

Meet Beam Suntory Communications & Events Senior Specialist, Archita Khanna 

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“I believe that Proof Positive goes to show that our vision of Growing for Good is not just a tick in the box for the business, but is a passion that all Beam Suntorians live by,” says Archita who is based in India. 

“It inspires me to know that I am part of a system that is always looking out for its people and communities and is willing to go to great lengths to support them.”

“The clearly laid out action points under Proof Positive, and our commitment to report against them year on year, is an example for the industry to follow to ensure that we leave our planet better than we found it and ensure a sustainable, healthy and happy future for our future generations. I am proud to share ahead the commitments we have made to protect the planet and the progress we’ve already made on this journey.”

Meet Beam Suntory GTR Finance Business Partner, Ng Mei Ping 

beam Suntory women careers

“Proof Positive is an inspirational commitment from Beam Suntory as part of the wider alcohol industry and its efforts in giving back to society,” says, Ng who is based in Singapore.

“It is heartening to see our Beam Suntory values and vision of Growing for Good translated into actions though a holistic plan around Nature, Consumer and Community. As an employee, I am proud that we continue to do the right thing as a business and as individuals, in both the challenging and good times.”

Meet Beam Suntory General Manager of Manufacturing Operations (Segovia), Raquel Seal de la Calle 

beam Suntory women careers

“Personally, it is a huge honor and privilege to work for a company that truly cares for our environment and our society. Beam Suntory strongly believes in its role and responsibility when it comes to protecting and caring for our environment,” attests Raquel who is based in Spain.

“Proof Positive is Beam Suntory’s roadmap to ensure that we find a compromise in all that we do. This is a ‘must-do’ for everyone, to safeguard the future of our planet. We should create, produce, and consume with the least impact on our planet and our people as possible. Without a true compromise, we will not be able to create a sustainable future for our future generations,” says Raquel.

Meet Beam Suntory Global Talent & Culture Development Manager, Mikiko Suzuki

beam Suntory women careers

“I have always felt proud to work for Beam Suntory because they challenge us to be the best version of ourselves,” says Mikiko who is based in North America.

She joined Beam Suntory in 2018 after working for 20+ years with its parent company, Suntory Holdings, which is known to be one of the leading companies in Corporate Social responsibility (CSR). 

By observing the behaviour of the people at Beam Suntory, Mikiko has learned that every employee is committed to the company’s vision, Growing for Good. “I have witnessed so many great interactions between our people, talking about empathy, acceptance, and the importance of inclusivity. What I love the most is how passionate our people are about this agenda, no matter one’s location, position, or title.”

As an Asian working in US, Mikiko feels grateful that her ideas will always be heard, and she is glad to see that her colleagues are interested to understand more about different cultures. “In our company, we take a ‘Gemba’ approach, which means we listen to the real stories and start from there. Proof Positive shows our commitment to a responsible co-existence between people and nature – something that I believe is not just a concept, but a true guide for our actions,” explains Mikiko.

Meet Beam Suntory Senior Director of Public Affairs (International), Aoife Clarke

beam Suntory women careers

“I am incredibly proud that Beam Suntory’s Proof Positive Strategy takes sustainability to the entirety of our supply chain, in particular our commitment to supporting our consumers and encouraging them to make positive choices for their personal wellbeing,” explains Aoife who is based in Ireland.  

To do this, Beam Suntory is building on existing initiatives and ensuring that it is providing relevant and meaningful information in a manner that suits its consumers. They are also stepping up their engagement with evidence-based programs to combat underage consumption, binge-drinking and impaired driving. 
“This ambition, to make a difference at each stage of both our footprint and that of our suppliers and consumers, is ground-breaking and one that I am delighted to champion,” says Aoife.


Meet Beam Suntory Customer Marketing Manager for Travel Retail Americas & Nordics, Mariana Amengual

beam Suntory women careers

“I am proud and inspired to work in an organization that genuinely cares about the wellbeing of its employees, communities and environment. I have always been a purpose-driven individual and creating value by doing good is one of my fundamental values,” says Mariana who is based in North America.

“Through Proof Positive, Beam Suntory has offered me, as an employee, a springboard to not only dream about a more sustainable and equitable future for all, but also to embrace an active role in leading change and leaving a positive mark in the world.”

Join the sustainability-focused women working for Beam Suntory

Experience the values congruency at Beam Suntory here you can be part of collective action in helping forge a sustainable world. Be proud to play a part in bringing positive change to communities around the world.

Research the wide range of jobs that Beam Suntory recruits for and be part of this sustainability focused company.

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