Medtronic networks helped Tasha thrive in a new environment

Medtronic networks helped Tasha thrive in a new environment

 September 07, 2021

At Medtronic, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) build solid cross-company relationships, connecting you with career knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.

Enabling Tasha to thrive in a new workplace environment

Tasha Ceass, Medtronic Senior Project Manager, is a member of Medtronic Women's Network, African Descent Network, and PRIDE ERGs.

Being part of Medtronic ERGs helped Tasha with her move from Nashville to Colorado, enabling her to flourish in a new environment. 

These ERGs have made "long-lasting impacts", both personally and professionally, throughout her career. 

"ERGS provide space to collaborate with candor, grow professionally, and shine a light on our true selves," explains Tasha.

Giving a voice to employees from under-represented backgrounds

Employee Resource Groups and Diversity Networks give a voice to employees from under-represented populations and a pathway toward advocacy, exposure, and development.

In the same way that Medtronic evaluates business performance, each Network is overseen by a chairperson and sponsor from its Executive Committee.

ERGs are grassroots, employee-led affinity groups. Each group provides career development and networking opportunities, strengthening ties and allyship between employees of different backgrounds, cultures, and interests.

Enjoy support via Medtronic's communities

Join a diverse team of innovators who bring their worldview, unique backgrounds, and individual life experiences to work every day. 

Find your place on a Medtronic team by researching the company's latest job vacancies.


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