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HCL First Careers program helped shape Namrata Kanals career

HCL First Careers program helped shape Namrata Kanal's career

 September 14, 2021

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Looking for a career program to unlock your first job?

The HCL First Careers program provides now and next skills to get your tech career started in the corporate world.

Learning about new technologies

For Namrata Kanal, HCL First Careers program played a great role in shaping her career.

"I have established my leadership, time management and communication skills and have also been able to advance these skills to the next level. It’s a very good opportunity to learn new technologies like Automation, Python, Java, Networking etc," she says.

"Today, I work on global international client projects and this is a gateway to shape my career trajectory for the better."

Opening up viable career options

HCL First Careers goes beyond mere training – it opens viable career options that accelerate professional growth in the IT industry. Students successfully completing the training programs are employed in HCL Technologies.

Candidates who join HCL First Careers program receive:

  • Now + Next Training - learn cutting-edge technologies with practical on-demand skills alongside access to best-in-class training infrastructure & subject matter expertise
  • Global Exposure - work on real-world problems of global customers
  • Communication & Leadership Skills - Gain contemporary communication and presentation skills

HCL First Careers

Take your skills and interest to HCL and kickstart a rewarding career

You too can build your own success story with a career in technology at HCL Technologies.

Research the HCL First Careers program and learn more about the company and its wide range of international career options.  


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