QBE European Operations marks Bi Visibility Day with funding

QBE European Operations marks Bi Visibility Day with funding

 September 23, 2021

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QBE European Operations supported the City of London Lord Mayor's Appeal City Giving Day - raising awareness for Bi Visibility Day that annually celebrates bi people, the bi community, and the history of bisexuality - through providing funding for LBGT+ outreach programmes in London and Manchester via LGBT+ mental health charity, Rainbow Mind.

The Lord Mayor's Appeal works with charities and businesses to create a better city for all, one that is inclusive, healthy, skilled and fair. City Giving Day is an impactful initiative that enables City of London companies and employees to celebrate and showcase their philanthropic and volunteering achievements and encourage others to get involved. 

Every year City Giving Day celebrates the value of the City to society and shows how businesses can make a difference, as part of a bid to create a fair society. It champions activities - whether corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, or volunteering initiatives - that companies undertake to support charity, society, the community and the environment in which they work. 

Confidence for people to bring their whole selves to work

QBE European Operations believes in creating an open and inclusive workplace for its employees that identify as part of the LGBT+ community. 

Employee resource group QBE Pride exists to promote and support an open and inclusive workplace culture, where diversity is acknowledged, respected and celebrated. QVE Pride draws on the unique backgrounds, experiences and networks of LGBT+ employees and allies to build an inclusive workplace and help provide everyone the the confidence to bring their whole selves to work.

QBE Pride's aim is for:

  • QBE to be recognised as a business that embraces diversity and inclusion
  • all colleagues to be informed and confident operating within an open inclusive workplace
  • ​QBE to be an employer of choice for a broad range of talent

QBE maintains an active Allyship program to enable its staff to show their support for the LGBT+ community. QBE Pride has a formal sponsor and is supported by QBE executive management.

Work for an inclusive company

QBE European Operations creates a workplace culture that celebrates diversity in its many forms (including diversity of thought) and helps employees broaden their perspectives by expanding their network within the company. 

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