Meet Schneider Electric Chief Marketing Officer Abby Gabriel

Meet Schneider Electric Chief Marketing Officer Abby Gabriel

 September 23, 2021

Abby Gabriel is Chief Marketing Officer at Schneider Electric. She started her marketing career in the hospitality sector straight out of university. Soon after, she joined Schneider Electric, a company that, for her, is at the epicenter of the global energy sector's massive transformation, whose "speed and scope" is different from other organizations. 

In an interview with AiThority, a platform that offers AI technology insights, Abby discusses her role, marketing during the pandemic, women in leadership, and more

Listening to diverse perspectives

"Gender diversity and having a diverse group of leaders who represent the entire market brings enormous value to a business when it comes to decision-making and developing new ways to solve problems. Getting to that place requires starting at the top – having leaders willing to listen to different views and be challenged," she explains.

"Organizations need to make bold and public ambitions, set action plans, put them into motion and then be transparent about how they’re reaching their goals. Once plans are in motion and the importance of the organization’s news values are effectively communicated from the top, momentum can set in to form a new culture. I believe that the culture of a company and its people are the most important elements of its success."

Increasing gender diversity efforts

Abby believes Schneider Electric has been on this journey for a while, and is continuing to evolve and grow. She cites the example of the company's 2021-2025 Schneider Sustainability Impact program, which includes goals increasing gender diversity efforts in hiring, front-line management, and leadership teams, as well as its multiple awards.

"More than ever, we are committed to our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts because they benefit talent recruitment, employee engagement and the overall health of our business," she adds.

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