Medtronic marks National Hispanic Heritage Month

Medtronic marks National Hispanic Heritage Month

 September 28, 2021

Medtronic proudly celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month and applauds the achievements of individuals like Alma Vega Stickney who is leading the way in trade compliance, and Isabel Izek, who is thriving in a career in marketing.

Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success.

Internally, Medtronic has its Hispanic Descent Network, while externally the company supports the National Society Of Hispanic Engineers

Remaining true to herself in her career at Medtronic

Alma is proud to work at Medtronic because of its commitment to maintaining good citizenship and the personal worth of all its employees.

"These values allow me to do a job I am passionate about while remaining true to myself," she explains, "a proud Latina who doesn't have to edit herself to achieve success and inspire others to do the same." 

Joining Medtronic for personal reasons 

Meanwhile, Isabel's Medtronic journey started with her grandma from Mexico. She had a pacemaker and was a person with diabetes. 

This inspired Isabel to do an internship with Medtronic in Mexico City on a project to expand access to rural hospitals. 

"Eager to include the LatinX voice in product development and and the delivery of solutions, I joined teams in the Diabetes operating unit and now the Patient Management operating unit," she says.

Working with talented engineers

Medtronic Hispanic Heritage Month

Cynthia enjoys leading a culture of inclusion and diversity programs at Medtronic that highlight Latinas in leadership.

At Medtronic every voice is valued

Medtronic hispanic

Rosa believes her Hispanic heritage has certainly shaped her identity and career - and she continues to help advance the Hispanic and Latin community both within and outside of Medtronic.  

Every voice is valued

Medtronic med tech

Tirza attests to the sense of belonging at Medtronic and is pleased that she can support her Hispanic and Latino community.

Work for an inclusive company like Medtronic 

Medtronic believes that when people from different cultures, genders, and points of view come together, innovation is the result — and everyone wins. Medtronic walks the walk, creating an inclusive culture where you can thrive.

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