Looking to work at Bazaarvoice? Hear about its brilliant work culture

Looking to work at Bazaarvoice? Hear about its brilliant work culture

 September 28, 2021

At Bazaarvoice, culture isn’t about office potlucks, Zoom events, or friendly competitions (although, it does have all of those). Culture is founded in character and shared values. Bazaarvoice's team is constantly pursuing  goals, innovating and experimenting, and putting  customers first. But don’t worry – employees spend plenty of time having fun and building a strong community too.

Bazaarvoice believes transparency and trust accelerate its collective performance. Which benefits not only its team, but its clients and their customers as well.

Bazaarvoice is Great Place to Work certified in the US, UK, and Australia, and a whopping 87% of Bazaarvoice American employees said the company is a great place to work – 28 points higher than the average U.S. company.

Upholding a remote work philosophy

Bazaarvoice employees love what they do, and do it with passion, drive, and curiosity. They seek to innovate as the world changes, and empower employees to shape their own work week, which is why Bazaarvoice has a hybrid, flexible remote work policy.

Bazaarvoice provides flexibility so that employees can achieve the best possible work-life integration for their individual styles and preferences. The company also provides collaboration hubs to allow for innovation and experimentation together.

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion at Bazaarvoice.

Bazaarvoice takes diversity and inclusion seriously. It is the company's responsibility to build a workforce of diverse talent, background, and expertise – and to cultivate a work environment that includes, supports, and champions everyone.

Encouraging community outreach

Community outreach work Bazaarvoice

Community is crucial at Bazaarvoice. Employees act deliberately to support and give back to the communities they live and work in.

Volunteer work, reducing carbon footprint, global affinity groups, and employee resource groups (ERGs) cover a wide variety of causes and initiatives.

Ready to look for a job position at Bazaarvoice?

Bazaarvoice believes its employees are Stronger Together. Employees bring their whole selves to the mission and find values in diverse perspectives. 

Bring your whole self to work with the support of Bazaarvoice.

Take a look at  some of the interesting jobs on offer.


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