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Women in Engineering Award: Eatons outstanding engineers

Women in Engineering Award: Eaton's outstanding engineers

 September 30, 2021

Eaton is a global technology leader in power management solutions. They make power operate more efficiently, reliably, safely and sustainably.

The company is excited to announce the winners of their 2021 Women in Engineering award which honors Eaton's outstanding women engineers and the contributions they are making to drive innovation every day.

These exceptional leaders are recognized for their technical achievements, demonstration of Eaton's leadership values and their personal impact on Eaton's products, processes and culture.

Nominations were received from Eaton's various locations across the globe and a number of winners were chosen. 

Congratulations to Eaton's Avantika Shastri

Avantika is a Specialist in the Center for Sustainability for Eaton's Research labs in their Innovation Center in India.

"This opportunity to understand things, connect and apply a broad scientific lens to understand some of the burning problems that face the world (such as climate change) is what keeps me in the field," explains Avantiki.

Eaton women engineer jobs - Avantika

Congratulations to Eaton's Carolyn McMahon

Carolyn is a lead engineer for Eaton's Power Components, Controls and Protection Division.

"As a kid I always tried to find ways to make things easier. I would streamline and improve any task I was doing so I could get it done and get back to playing. This led perfectly to what I do today: removing obstacles and issues that hinder our ability to produce a quality product in a timely manner for our customers," reflects Carolyn.

Eaton women engineer jobs - Carolyn

Congratulations to Eaton's Haishat Alli

Haishat is a Senior Inside Sales Engineer for Eaton's Electrical Engineering Services and Systems.

"I'm proud to share my experience as a woman in STEM with younger women in hopes of encouraging and inspiring them to accomplish anything they desire, despite any differences they feel may hinder them," comments Haishat.

Eaton women engineer jobs - Haishat

Congratulations to Eaton's Kritika Kalra

Kritika is a Project Lead in Project Management for Eaton's Center of Excellence in Eaton India Innovation Center.

"I am excited about problem solving, collaborating and leading activities. Becoming the first woman engineer in my life was my motivation to bring pride to my family's name and my career," she explains.

Eaton women engineer jobs - Kritika

Congratulations to Eaton's Malena Tumpiri

Malena is a Team Leader at the Center for Digital Prototyping & Twins for Eaton India Innovation Center.

"I feel passionate about helping budding engineers grow and achieve their full potential. I feel immense satisfaction when I am able to draw from my experiences as an engineer and guide the path of another," reflects Malena.

Eaton women engineer jobs - Malena

Congratulations to Eaton's Meng (Rachel) Wang

Meng is a Senior Specialist Engineer for Eaton Research Labs.

"My proudest moment is seeing a solution grow from an idea sketched on a piece of paper to a working solution in the product on the customer's vehicle, and receiving a highly-valued appreciation from the customer," comments Meng.

Eaton women engineer jobs - Meng

Congratulations to Eaton's Niloofar Sanaei

Niloofar is a Specialist Engineer at the Center for Materials & Manufacturing at Eaton Research Labs.

"The most important aspect of engineering for me has always been learning to solve problems analytically and creatively. Creating a technology roadmap based on our forward-thinking strategy and our shared vision excites me for the futures," says Niloofar.

Eaton women engineer jobs - Niloofar

Congratulations to Eaton's Rasika Gargey

Rasika is an engineer at the Controls and Protection Division for Eaton India Innovation Center.

"The thing that excites me most are the questions that I get from children I teach. These young minds are so brilliant and the questions they come up with really give you a completely new perspective," says Rasika.

Eaton women engineer jobs - Rasika

Congratulations to Eaton's Saudamini Joshi-Khanwelkar

Saudamini is a Senior Engineer at the Center for Digital Prototyping & Twins for Eaton India Innovation Center.

"Being in the Center for Digital Prototyping & Twins, I get to work on multiple products from various business groups. Understanding the intricacies of each product and similarities and differences in them is very exciting," explains Saudamini.

Eaton women engineer jobs - Saudamin

Forge a successful engineering career at Eaton

Eaton's products, technologies and services make a difference in the world.

And, with exciting career vacancies available to talented and ambitious engineers across many countries, a career with Eaton is a smart choice. 

Research Eaton's job vacancies.


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