Heard about Beam Suntorys Women in Leadership program?

Heard about Beam Suntory's Women in Leadership program?

 October 11, 2021

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As part of its commitment to achieve gender balance in leadership, Beam Suntory continues to invest in the development of its emerging female leaders. Continuing from the success of its first program in 2020, Beam Suntory launched its second Women in Leadership Development Program in September 2021.

It's a six-month leadership course designed to further strengthen leadership capabilities, build interpersonal skills, and provide a platform for Beam Suntory’s emerging female leaders to network with peers, mentors, and senior leaders as they grow their careers and succeed at Beam Suntory and beyond.

The program is proudly sponsored by the company's Senior Leadership Team and brings together a group of talented International women leaders from a wide range of different functions and countries globally.

Achieving gender balance through access to career and development opportunities

Providing equal access to career and development opportunities for its emerging female leaders is a central part of the company’s ongoing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts.

Achieving gender balance and an inclusive environment is not just the right thing to do. Research has shown that gender-balanced teams benefit from increased engagement, retention, more effective decision-making, and business performance.

Beam Suntory is committed to advance and develop women fairly and create gender equality across all levels of the organization.

Where Women Work is actively supporting and promoting the Women in Leadership Program as Beam Suntory's partner and as part of the company's mission to showcase the impressive work and achievements of women, while shining a spotlight on organizations supporting them. 

Learn more about Beam Suntory's DEI efforts

Learn more about Beam Suntory's commitment to DEI.

Beam Suntory empowers its employees to bring their unique self to work and share their unique perspectives and ideas to make a positive impact on the business, its communities, and for each other. 

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Disclosure: Where Women Work researches and publishes insightful evidence about how its paid member organizations support women's equality.

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