Catch Joon Tan on Schneider Electrics inclusion podcast

Catch Joon Tan on Schneider Electric's inclusion podcast

 October 11, 2021

Catch the Schneider Electric podcast series Women Rise We All Thrive featuring real stories of employees across the globe sharing how they commit to being part of the solution and driving changes from the inside out, starting first with their mindset and beliefs. By showcasing how women rise at  Schneider Electric, the company hopes that they can inspire more women in energy to step up and engage more men as allies. Everyone does play a part in achieving gender equality.

Are women holding themselves back?

The first episode of the Schneider Electric Women Rise We All Thrive podcast is titled 'Are Women Holding Themselves Back?' and the company aims to provide a helicopter view of Gender Equality progress in the workplace, discussing some of the major challenges, both from the external environment and internal mindset, that are preventing women from rising in their career, especially in a historically male-dominated industry.

Hear Joon Tan, Vice President of Talent & Learning for International Operations at Schneider Electric on the podcast as she points out that the long history of being contained by societal and cultural norms results in an invisible mental barrier that women set for themselves. In the professional context, this invisible barrier is holding women from rising to their fullest potential at work. Joon joins the episode as a guest speaker, in discussion with host Gia Duong, Regional HR Manager at Schneider Electric.

Overcoming self-limiting beliefs

Joon helped start a female mentoring circle in 2018, based on a bestseller “How Women Rise” by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith, two 2 renown executive coaches, aiming to help women realize and overcome self-limiting beliefs that are most commonly seen in themselves. The program has now become a global initiative at Schneider Electric with participants coming from Pacific to Africa, South America to Europe, to China.

Joon leads the Talent & Learning function for Schneider Electric's International operations, which comprises of 5 very diverse zones (East Asia & Japan, Pacific, South America, India and Middle East & Africa) while being based in Singapore. Over the past 25 years of Joon's HR career, she has worked across diverse sectors, including Education, Consumer Electronics, Airline, Media, High Tech & HR Consulting before joining Schneider in 2014.

Diversity is key for innovation, performance and better business

"It has been proven that a diverse organization would experience a higher level of innovation, performance, and better business results. Though diversity extends beyond gender to nationalities, generations, etc. gender equality remains one of the most discussed topics across different culture and geographies," says Schneider Electric. "Over the past years, much has been said and taught about diversity, and there has been strong progress made. However, when we look at where the world stands today, we have some ways to go. As a recognized leader in diversity, we do feel the need to act more boldly and urgently. Not only do we need to achieve better diversity in our workplace, but also foster and sustain a culture where inclusion is real. It starts with each and everyone of us. This is why we want to engage you in this journey of exploring how we can achieve this ambition together, to create a more balanced workplace where women rise, we all thrive."

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