Medtronic makes a positive impact on healthcare challenges

Medtronic makes a positive impact on healthcare challenges

 October 18, 2021

Healthcare is deeply personal. From welcoming a newborn baby to caring for an aging parent: Our most precious, emotional, and trying moments are directly tied to healthcare.

And yet healthcare isn’t “healthy” right now.

Millions of people around the globe continue to suffer the effects of complex and challenging health conditions. Life’s ordinary moments are stolen each day. A walk to the local market. Watching a grandchild score their first goal. Or having a conversation over coffee.

For many, these events are more than an arm’s reach away. For some, they’re replaced with the burden of managing multiple insulin injections. For others, it’s hours transporting loved ones to and from care appointments. And in the worst scenarios, ordinary life is consumed by disease that makes even picking up a glass of water an impossible task.

Medtronic is committed to engineering life-transforming technologies and experiences that put people first, and provide insight-driven care and better outcomes for our world.

Creating a lasting impact for patients and employees

As a global leader in healthcare technology, Medtronic is Mission-driven — and putting purpose into action.

As the healthcare technology leader, Medtronic has extraordinary potential to make a positive impact on major global challenges

The company is creating lasting impact for patients, physicians, employees, and communities to ensure future generations live better, healthier lives.

This is Medtronic's impact on the world.

Accelerating access to healthcare technology

Medtronic believes technology can help close the world’s health gaps. By putting people first, the company finds new ways to advance health while reducing costs.

And through partnerships, education, and advocacy, Medtronic is dismantling barriers to care so more people can benefit from these life-transforming innovations.

Advancing inclusion, diversity & equity

Medtronic believes in zero barriers to opportunity, so the company uses all its assets  to advance equity in communities and within the business.

Medtronic drives towards a future where all employees belong and can contribute their full life experience, amplifying efforts to improve health in global communities. 

Protecting the planet

Medtronic believes people can only live their healthiest lives on a healthy planet. That’s why the company minimizes its environmental footprint by finding innovative ways to reduce its operational carbon footprint, cutting waste and water usage, and building sustainability into its products.

Inspiring the extraordinary

Six powerful words have inspired Medtronic to do the extraordinary for 60 years and counting:

  • Alleviate pain
  • Restore health
  • Extend life. 

Leading responsibly

Medtronic leads responsibly and prioritizes the highest quality standards for more transparent, ethical, and resilient operations — from governance and workforce to human rights and supply chain responsibility.

Medtronic always holds itself accountable to higher governance standards for people and the planet.

"We’re resetting our expectations of what innovation and technology can achieve to improve human welfare," explains Geoff Martha, Chairman and CEO, Medtronic.

"And even as we raise the standard of care and accelerate health equity by expanding access for millions of people around the world, our motivation to help even one person live a fuller, healthier life will never end.”

Work for a company making a positive global impact

With the company's Mission so indelibly linked to the welfare of people, Medtronic employees have always felt a deep sense of moral purpose and responsibility.

Want to align with a meaningful Mission with impact?

Discover the wide range of fulfilling jobs at Medtronic.


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