Schneider Electric CHRO Charise Le discusses diversity and digital

Schneider Electric CHRO Charise Le discusses diversity and digital

 October 23, 2021

Schneider Electric Chief Human Resources Officer, Charise Le, is interviewed by HR Asia for their CHRO Unplugged series. Charise discusses her own career path and the importance of mentoring, and shares her thoughts on how digital technology supports workplace diversity.

The importance of mentoring, stretch assignments and purpose

Charise describes lessons she has learnt during her career in terms of the value of mentorship, the importance of stretch assignments and stepping outside of one's comfort zone, and the need to align with a meaningful purpose.

Charise believes a diverse and inclusive workforce is about empowering people through demonstrating inclusive behaviors, flexibility, and trust - and requires embedding in all processes.

Digital technology is key

She also believes that digital technology is crucial for creating equity of opportunity.

With increased use of digital technology, Charise explains Schneider Electric is continuously upskilling and reskililng employees. "We aim to have more than 90% of our Schneider employees upskilled by 2025," she says.

Read the full article with Schneider Electric Chief Human Resources Officer Charise Le.

Be your authentic self at Schneider Electric 

If you want to work at a company that not only accepts but truly values diversity, then consider a future with Schneider Electric.

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