What makes Theramex a great place to work?

What makes Theramex a great place to work?

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Theramex has three core principles that drive its ambition and success: its values, its unique company culture, and its engaged and dynamic team of professionals.

  • Passion - Every member of the team has a genuine passion for improving the lives of women around the world.
  • Integrity - The company holds itself to the highest ethical principles, putting women at the heart of everything it does at Theramex.
  • Collaboration and agility - Theramex listens to the health needs of women and collaborates to give healthcare professionals and its patients the best possible outcomes, when they need it most.

Theramex's values are the driving force behind every decision it makes and are a key factor in the company's growth and success.

The unique culture

Theramex thrives on its employees’ fresh ideas and innovation to accelerate its growth.

The company creates an environment where employees feel empowered to take decisions and make things happen. It rewards excellent performance and is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team, and Theramex welcomes applicants from all backgrounds.

Theramex is always growing and evolving as it strives to make a difference for women around the world. The company supports its communities through events such as International Women’s Day every year with charity initiatives, fundraising, and a celebration of the lives of the women it serves.

The engaged team

Theramex supports and develops every single member of its valued team. Rather than relying on an outdated hierarchical structure, the company operates a ‘flat’ organisational approach, where every team member is encouraged to speak up confidently and freely, whatever their position in the company.

It encourages a positive, can-do attitude that gives its employees the confidence to use their initiative and share ideas freely. As a result, Theramex has a team of highly engaged and empowered employees, who are transforming the lives of women around the world.

What can Theramex offer?

Theramex offers a fast-paced environment, with broad exposure, where you can develop professionally by utilising all your skills – even outside your area of expertise.

The company offers an open-door policy to support you as you grow and learn, and it loves to celebrate success and recognise performance through its reward and recognition schemes.

Theramex provide opportunities for driven and talented professionals who want to be part of its exciting journey, at any of its locations around the world.

What does Theramex look for?

Theramex wants to attract talented and entrepreneurial self-starters looking to work and learn in an exciting, dynamic, fast-paced environment.

The company expects you to be driven; a self-starter, ready to take responsibility for your own learning and development. In return, it provides opportunities and experiences to help you accelerate your growth, both personally and professionally.

Do you have a passion to make a difference to Theramex's patients' lives? Do you have an agile mindset and the ability to make fast decisions in a changing environment? Then Theramex is the place for you.

Hear from Beatrice Kunze (Fertility, Germany)

"I am part of a fantastic team at Theramex within Fertility. The working atmosphere can be best described with words like professional, human, and familiar. There are new exciting challenges that await me every day and it never gets boring. The philosophy of independent working and getting support from colleagues and managers whenever it is needed, is something I highly appreciate."

Hear from Alina Gramescu (Field Force, Romania)

"I stepped into Theramex with emotion because any change involves an effort of accommodation. Experience has shown me that for each of us, work is not just a financial motivation, but a nice work atmosphere, team spirit, to feel free, to do your job with love, courage, motivation, and respect. Professionalism, friendly atmosphere, the joy of working in a team with your colleagues, finding solutions to problems you least expect, did nothing but strengthen my thoughts that we stay together and that we are part of a real FAMILY."

Jo McGovern - Sales and Marketing, Australia 

"Theramex values global collaboration, personal development and challenges my professional growth in ways I had not imagined. Encompassing Theramex's vision of helping women through all life's stages, I feel empowered, motivated, and supported to continue our work in making a difference."

Andrea Elahi -  Legal, UK

"Since joining Theramex, I have been involved in a number of cross functional projects that has developed my Legal and Compliance experience. Throughout my time working at Theramex, I have gained a better understanding about Women's Health and the difference Theramex has made in supporting women live better lives. Whenever I face challenging times, I receive consistently strong and professional mentorship from my manager and my supportive team which help me overcome any difficult tasks within my remit."

Elisabeth Molina – Field Force, Spain

“Science must be dedicated to women's health so that there are no disadvantages due to discrimination conditioned by sociocultural factors. From Theramex we try to improve women's health and, as far as possible, contribute to greater equality."

Dr. Lavinia Stef - Field Force, Romania

"I am delighted to work for Theramex because I have met people who are committed to their work. They are truly professional and they find solutions when everything seems lost. This is the reason I consider this the best team I have ever worked with throughout the fifteen years of pharma experience I have. They motivate me because when you work with the best people you have to be as good as them!"

Phoebe Tunstill -  Marketing UK

"Theramex is a great place to work, challenging whilst extremely rewarding. It feels like we are one big team, even though there are different departments and employees all around the world. I have made some amazing friendships during my time at Theramex as a result of the team spirit. I would highly recommend working at Theramex if you like a friendly and fast-paced environment."

Laura Lucchetta - Field Force, Italy

"I have been lucky enough to participate in launches of our innovative products to help our patients. I love my job because it is stimulating, dynamic and is a constant challenge. Theramex is constantly growing and has taught me the fundamental values of passion, integrity, collaboration, and agility which are the key to success!"

Blanca Vega – Sales Director Fertility, Spain

"I am very proud of my company and very proud to do my bit to help improve women's reproductive health. This is so important to me."

Carla Saporito - Field Force, Italy

"It is a great opportunity to work for this company. I believe that you have to believe in everything you do. If I had to describe Theramex in one word it would be elegant!"

Paolo Potenza - Marketing, Brazil

"One of the most striking points for me, is being part of the birth of Theramex Brazil, alongside incredible colleagues, in a very pleasant, collaborative, and highly trustworthy work environment. I learn with each passing day and I am very grateful for the inspiring leadership of my managers, who empower us day by day to really make a difference for the company and, most importantly, the lives of our patients."

Monica Navalon Angel - Fertility, Spain

"Since joining the company in 2019, I have been able to enjoy working as a team and developing professionally in this great family that is Theramex."

Elvira Petrescu - Field Force, Romania

"Through these three years I have been at Theramex, I learnt so much about Women's Health and all the things we do to make women live better lives each day. My manager became my mentor and our team works as a family. Our purpose to provide medical solutions to improve the lives of patients became something so natural, just like breathing."

Mollie Neal - Human Resources, UK

"Theramex is my first role since finishing University and has truly set the bar high in supporting the development of my chosen career in Human Resources. I value the collaboration and transparency of the HR team who have supported, guided, and mentored me at every stage of my learning from being a novice to becoming a HR professional. I feel very lucky to work in Theramex where the values are not just words, but behaviours."

Ana-Mirabela Biolan - Field Force, Romania

"Since joining Theramex, from the beginning I was very happy to find in the team dedicated, involved, empathetic and communicative people, with the desire to share their experience in this organization. These qualities encourage me to embark on a beautiful journey and I am grateful because I am trusted and respected for my work and for the fact that we are always learning new things that we put into practice with very good results."

Alessia Cardea - Administration, Italy

"Theramex is an ambitious company and working at Theramex broadens my skills, increases my wealth of knowledge, and helps me discover new attitudes."

Make a positive impact on women's health with a career at Theramex 

Theramex prides itself on having a passionate team with the highest ethical principles. 

Could you be the next person to join its growing team?

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