EY’s Rebecca Raines aims for elite performance in business and sport

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EY encourages elite performance in business and sport

EY encourages elite performance in business and sport

The fascinating and highly volatile world of roller derby is a lot like business. It’s a super-charged game of high strategy and tactic. Speed and endurance are so important, as EY’s Rebecca Raines knows only too well.

An elite roller derby player for Team New Zealand Roller Derby and the Victorian Roller Derby League, Rebecca is forging an exciting career as a Senior Consultant in the Internal Audit service in Melbourne with EY, following a stint in New Zealand at another Big 4. In her day job, Rebecca advises Audit Committees and Boards on the risks their organisations face in key areas of their business. In her sporting life, Rebecca enjoys the fast-paced challenge of women’s roller derby - and is one of the many impressive women athletes who choose to work for EY.

“EY has always been very supportive in providing me with the flexible working arrangements I’ve needed to successfully combine working hours and location to achieve the work and sporting balance I need,” comments Rebecca.

Getting personal

Work-life balance - whether for sporting commitment, family and caring responsibilities or lifestyle choices - is a growing consideration for many job applicants and a key issue for all employers. In today’s busy world, it can be hard to juggle a career and personal commitments with aspects like looking after children, taking care of a sick family member, study, travel or simply keeping fit and active.

“It’s not uncommon at all for members of my team at EY to be balancing their work with caring for children or family, or maintaining further education,” explains Rebecca. As an employer, EY really does gives great consideration to what’s happening in people’s lives and they work hard to help create a balance that works both for the organisation and life for professionals outside our work.

Where appropriate, EY offers paid parental leave, flex leave, part-time work, work from home and flexible working hours. The important thing to note from Rebecca’s perspective is that balancing a career and sport requires very careful time management and open communication. “Working at EY provides a lot of flexibility and as such requires very clear transparent communication and expectations. My advice to women working at EY is to plan what you would like to get out of the experience and share this with your mentors and peers,” contributes Rebecca.

Great teamwork and support

Roller Derby is a sport of extreme athleticism, team comradery, strategy and inclusiveness - and these are some of the key aspects that led Rebecca’s Victorian Roller Derby League team to achieve #1 ranking in the world. For Rebecca, this also resonates in her work environment and she has been pleased with the inclusive culture and positive working environment she enjoys at EY.

Rebecca is very proud of the work her team does and how they support each other in achieving their goals. “There are so many talented people in EY willing to share their great knowledge and actively contribute to your success,” explains Rebecca. “EY also has so many great career opportunities available for all levels of staff to go and work in different countries, across different industries.”

A truly diverse and vibrant work culture

Just like training for a sport like roller derby, working at EY provides professionals with rich and diverse experiences. For Rebecca, EY Internal Audit is a great area to learn about different processes and visit varied organisations across Australia. “I’ve been enjoying working with lots of other EY teams in areas ranging from supply chain management, EYC3 (EY’s data and analytics service), programme and project management, through to human capital, risk transformation and IT risk assurance,” comments Rebecca.

And when it comes to the diversity of people Rebecca works with at EY who come from many different cultural and geographical backgrounds, she says this truly enriches her experiences at work. EY openly supports the LBGTIQ community and also actively promotes female leadership, and this is the same in the sport of roller derby. Rebecca also likes that there are many fellow athletes from a variety of sports, both retired and active, who work in different EY service lines and she is actively building valuable relationships wherever she can as she sees this as very relevant to her career development.

EY encourages female leadership

Roller Derby as a sport sees many successful women across the world - and in its own way works to make visible women leaders.

“Roller Derby is a female dominated sport governed by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and the appeal of this certainly motivates me to continue to push others to get out of their comfort zone and become involved in the sport,” says Rebecca.

EY recognises that women’s advancement and leadership are central to business performance and actively encourages women to develop professionally within the organisation. Women. Fast forward is EY’s unifying platform around initiatives that support women to advance in the workplace. This is part of EY’s purpose to build a better working world and commitment to inclusive leadership. Already, for Rebecca, her impressive leadership skills and relationship management have improved due to being able to successfully juggle roller derby and working at EY. Roll on Rebecca ...

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EY is a highly recognised leader when it comes to recruiting, retaining, supporting and advancing women. As a top employer for women, why not consider them for your next career move. Research their current job vacancies or research what more of their women have to say about EY as a progressive employer.

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