Capgemini event focuses on inclusive technology design

Capgemini event focuses on inclusive technology design

 December 07, 2021

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Capgemini hosted a virtual event about how diversity and inclusion can drive better technologies, the first in a series of live discussions on inclusive tech.

Streamed live on LinkedIn, the event featured a panel of experts including Corporate Social Responsibility Vice President for Capgemini North America, Janet Pope.

A rising demand for greater DEI

As digital technologies increasingly infiltrate our daily lives, diversity and inclusion are more important than ever, as consumers seek more inclusive and representative products and services. Simultaneously, there has been a rising demand for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the tech teams behind these technologies, which benefits not only consumers and employees, but also the organizations themselves; inclusive companies report higher innovation and more enhanced profit than their counterparts.

Capgemini Research Institute's report The key to designing inclusive tech: creating diverse and inclusive tech teams explores the intertwined relationship between workplace diversity and inclusive design of technologies.

The importance of an inclusive workplace

Capgemini inclusive tech

Panellists discussed the meaning and importance of an inclusive workplace, cultures and practices, and the steps to shape a positive future for all.

During the talk, the panellists explored:

  • the meaning of inclusive tech design and its role in shaping the IT industry
  • the interplay between workplace diversity and inclusive design of technologies
  • how inclusive design can be profitable for companies and a source of innovation
  • the current state of diversity within the IT sector

In addition to Janet Pope, Corporate Social Responsibility Vice President for Capgemini North America who hosted the event, the further speakers included:

  • Kit Ahweyevu-Jones, CEO of Mindweaver, a firm focused on supporting organisations to bring diversity and antiracism to emerging technology
  • Charlotte Fereday, Director Product Strategy at Frog
  • Matteo Zallio, UX Design Researcher & Coach at the University of Cambridge

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