Cloudera highlights the importance of listening to employees

Cloudera highlights the importance of listening to employees

 December 20, 2021

Cloudera has highlighted that by engaging and listening to their teams, leaders help drive success in their digital transformation efforts

Indeed, inclusion forms the bedrock of a healthy organizational culture where employees can thrive, and are unafraid to experiment with newer, better ways of working. At the core of this is a unit that is able to take a step back to listen to each other and tap on their collective team strengths to derive benefits for all. 

Cloudera highlights that by putting the team first, it clears the path for everyone to focus on achieving common goals. This clarity is important when leaders want to be open to perspectives other than their own to approach a challenge from all angles.

Listening to all opinions and views is especially important during times of change, with team members more willing to follow and invest time in a plan if they feel they have played a part in shaping it. 

Inclusion will help digital transformation 

According to a study by global non-profit Catalyst, 76% of people who experienced empathy from their leaders reporting they were engaged, compared with only 32% who experienced less empathy. This shows that people generally only participate and contribute when they are engaged, and they do so with the intention of initiating improvements for the organization.

The same Catalyst study also found that employees were more likely to stay in their companies and report that their workplaces were inclusive when the organization’s leaders were empathetic. Cloudera encourages leaders to think about what that translates to in terms of progress and growth within an organization. 

When looking at what makes digital transformation successful, one of the top factors is having both senior managers and people engaged in key roles being involved in developing initiatives than during past change efforts, as well as ensuring collaboration between units on transformation initiatives.

Read the full article from Cloudera.

Be listened to and appreciated in a career at Cloudera 

Cloudera is committed to engaging and creating empathetic relationships with their employees. 

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