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Diageo proudly supports the #ChangetheRaceRatio campaign

Diageo proudly supports the #ChangetheRaceRatio campaign

 January 12, 2022

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Diageo is part of the #ChangetheRaceRatio campaign that aims to increase racial and ethnic participation in British businesses. In a milestone moment for the campaign, Diageo highlighted that #ChangetheRaceRatio has now reached 100 signatories. "We’re proud to be part of the campaign & look forward to the next 100," said Diageo.

Creating a culture where diversity can thrive 

The #ChangetheRaceRatio campaign is supported by senior leaders committed to taking action to increase racial and ethnic participation in businesses.

Leaders are campaigning for change, starting by setting targets for greater racial and ethnic diversity at the Board, ExCo and ExCo minus one.

The campaign suggests that businesses must take action across a number of areas:

  • set and publish targets
  • be transparent about progress
  • create a culture that enables diverse thinking and talent to thrive

Committed to increasing racial and ethnic diversity 

With 37% of FTSE100 and 69% of FTSE250 companies having no having ethnic minority representation on their boards, the #ChangetheRaceRatio campaign wants to "call time on the all white boardroom and accelerate racial diversity in business."

In order to do this, #ChangetheRaceRatio has four commitments to enact change: 

  • increase racial and ethnic diversity among board members
  • increase racial and ethnic diversity in senior leadership
  • be transparent on target and actions
  • create an inclusive culture in which talent from all diversities can thrive.

Diversity and inclusivity creates a creative working environment 

Bring your talent to an inclusive employer like Diageo?

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