Venture Beat features Cloudera CTO Carolyn Duby

Venture Beat features Cloudera CTO Carolyn Duby

 February 08, 2022

Carolyn Duby, Field Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Cybersecurity Lead at Cloudera, knows that now is a great time to be working in the technology sector. With digital transformation, big data analytics, the rise of AI, and a desperate demand for cybersecurity expertise, there is much innovation. 

Writing for Venture Beat, Carolyn highlights that the opportunities for anyone looking to grow into a technology career or data career this year, feels a lot like it did more than 30 years ago.

"In those early days, the potential for a computer revolution was obvious, and while no one had any idea just how quickly computers would become dominant, there were tremendous career opportunities," Carolyn explains. 

"Today, we are living in a time of tremendous change. The pandemic’s impact on digital transformation has been well documented. Overwhelmingly, both businesses and consumers have embraced technology as the infrastructure for every interaction in our lives," she says. 

Embracing change 

Acknowledging that the field of tech is ever-changing, Carolyn gives excellent advice about the need to embrace adaptability when considering a career in tech.

"The most important takeaway from those early years is that technology is changing so fast that you can’t know where you’ll end up when you start your career," Carolyn explains. 

She continues, "To be successful, you need to build base skills that can be applied to diverse areas throughout your career. Fundamental skill sets like problem-solving, logical thinking, troubleshooting, investigation, and design are broadly relevant to many different job roles and industries.

"You need to be flexible and adaptable, open to new possibilities, and constantly learn new things."

Challenges present learning opportunities 

Carolyn highlights that embracing challenges is an integral part of a career in tech - with the ability to learn from challenges being essential, regardless of your position.

"From the pressure of responding to frantic calls in tech support, to suddenly managing a large team at a big company, to doing everything yourself at a startup you launch – taking out the trash, dealing with angry customers, developing a business plan, etc. – the key to successfully confronting a new challenge is to be persistent," Carolyn explains. 

Data careers offer opportunities 

Drawing on her career at Cloudera, Carolyn explains that leadership must always be a learning process, stating, "When you make that shift to senior leadership, you become responsible for new people with different mindsets and backgrounds, new processes, and new strategic goals."

"No matter what stage you are at in your data career, and no matter your background and level of hands-on experience with tech, a big data career offers many opportunities over both the short and long term. The important thing is not to be intimidated by the challenges ahead. Broaden your skillset, embrace new experiences, and be ready to go," she concludes. 

Read the full article to learn more about Carolyn's leadership advice. 

Embrace opportunity and forge a successful tech career 

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