LinkedIns Adu Yu explains the importance of skills

LinkedIn's Adu Yu explains the importance of skills

 February 10, 2022

How do you stand out in a sea of talent? It's often a query from jobseekers, and according to Adu Yu, Director of Product Management for LinkedIn, it's all about skills. 

In her article for LinkedIn, Adu explains: "Skills are more important than ever in landing opportunities - whether you’re on the hunt for a new job, looking to grow your side hustle or interested in making a career pivot. In fact, 87% of hirers agree that skills are crucial in evaluating candidates."

Using skills to land opportunities 

Adu highlight three ways to use LinkedIn to land opportunities through skills. 

  • Explore a new career path with transferable skills 
    The LinkedIn Career Explorer tool can uncover careers candidates can transition into, and that might not have been considered, by mapping the skills that can be applied to thousands of job titles. 
  • Gain the skills for the job candidates want
    Job seekers can increase their chances of securing the job they want by making sure they have the skills needed for that role. LinkedIn advises to start by creating a list of open positions they'd like to apply for and taking note of the skills needed for those positions. That will help identify any skill gaps that candidates need to fill. The LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise report highlights the fastest growing job areas. 
  • Highlight your skills on your LinkedIn Profile 
    Half of recruiters use a skill search filter to find candidates with skills that match their criteria on LinkedIn, so it’s important that candidates list them on their LinkedIn Profile. Users can show proficiency for hard skills by taking Skill Assessments that add a badge to their Profile.

Read the article in full to discover more tips on how to utilize your skills in your career search. 

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