LinkedIn Strategic Leader Chloe Rowshani shares networking tips

LinkedIn Strategic Leader Chloe Rowshani shares networking tips

 February 21, 2022

Taking the leap and starting the search for a new job can often be daunting, however, by leveraging their networks on LinkedIn, members are four times more like to get hired, as Chloe Rowshani, LinkedIn Strategic Leader and Customer Advocate, explains. 

“Whether you’re just getting started in your career, looking to make a pivot, or are a seasoned professional seeking a new job, the best people to lean on for support are the people you know,” says Chloe.  

Stepping out of your comfort zone and initiating the conversation can be nerve wracking, so LinkedIn has come up with some helpful pointers and conversation starters to try out. 

Identify the people you know

“Your social acquaintances, alumni, and former colleagues are great people to connect with on LinkedIn. Once they’re in your network, you can send them a LinkedIn message to catch up and see how they’re doing. Keeping the relationship fresh makes it easier to reach out the next time you need career advice or a job referral,” explains Chloe. 

Start a meaningful conversation

Networking is all about building relationships through authentic conversations. If it’s been a while since you’ve reached out to your connection, lead with curiosity by checking their profile and recent activity to see the latest developments in their career.

Ask for the help you need

Depending on the stage of your job search, your network can be helpful in a few different ways - for career advice, introductions to others, or a referral for a specific job. 

“Once you’re clear on your goal, provide context and any useful information that can empower your connection to help you out,” says Chloe. 

Invest in the relationship

The strength of your network depends on how well you nurture your relationships over time.

Chloe explains, “Be sure to follow-up by giving people updates on your job search, reporting back on how their advice worked for you, or sending a quick thank you note and offering your support in return.

“You can privately share relevant posts from your feed to spark a conversation, schedule coffee chats over video, or start a group conversation among a few people you know who share the same interests.”

Chloe highlights that these small steps can have a mutually beneficial and positive impact within your career and community.

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