Angela Román enjoys the social culture at Schneider Electric

Angela Román enjoys the social culture at Schneider Electric

 February 16, 2022

Angela Román is a Financial Business Partner at Schneider Electric's Meliana plant in Spain. Angela started her career at the company with an internship, which was the beginning of a dynamic professional journey. 

Dynamic development at Schneider Electric

Angela started her career at Schneider Electric in 2016, when she was studying Industrial Engineering after graduating with a degree in Business Administration. She joined the Methods Department in the Meliana, Spain factory through an internship program, where she learned the principles that she upholds throughout her professional life: to be smart, open-minded, nice, and honest.

As part of this internships program, Angela also learned how to work in a team, taking care of each other while contributing to a positive and dynamic environment. After finishing her internship, Angela was offered a position in the same department, which she accepted. 

Angela's has enjoyed dynamic development at Schneider Electric. She explains, "The greatest thing I value about this company is its commitment to making people grow. As this is a global company with a variety of positions, you can accomplish whatever you want with this combination of infrastructure, and managers are willing and supportive to maximize your career opportunities."

In her third year at the company, Angela was leading a Supply Chain Project, which taught her a lot about logistics and stock in terms of technical competency, and more about organization and creativity. Having gained valuable knowledge from this experience, she then took on the role of Finance Business Partner in June 2021, which created a challenge both in terms of competencies and responsibility.

Combinining professional development with social networking

Angela feels she received as much training as she needed at Schneider Electric, both on a technical and personal level.

In addition to learning industrial competencies and how to calculate financial figures, she also developed an understanding of her strengths and weaknesses and improved her reaction to uncertainty. For instance, in the Women in Leadership program, Angela had the opportunity to connect with other female colleagues working at Schneider Electric, who are in very different positions, but with whom she shared many common interests.

"My development has always been accompanied, not only by the training I’ve taken part in but also by the social network I’m striving to build," Angela explains. 

A healthy and exciting environment

Angela enjoys an active social life, something she shares with her colleagues. 

"I love people and sport. This is another thing that makes me love this company. Since I joined Schneider Electric, I have found a healthy and exciting environment. I have shared a lot of non-working time with my colleagues, from just social after-work to triathlon competitions," comments Angela. 

It's thanks to this initiative that Angela has built different connections with the people she works with. "Planning Christmas dinner together, preparing choreography for the event, and joining a training team with people with the same schedule and purpose. Even during the pandemic, Schneider Electric also creates a healthy environment and provides guidelines to promote health in the workplace," she says. 

Angela discovered this supportive network by traveling to other Schneider Electric sites, and says its "an easy and smart way to feel integrated when changing locations!"

"I found a company with a clear commitment to professional development, and a large enough infrastructure to cover a variety of positions. As well as training and projects of personal growth, the company accompanies me during my development. Furthermore, Schneider makes me feel like I’m part of a community and takes care of me. This is why I encourage people to join Schneider Electric," concludes Angela. 

Work for an employer that sees the value in social connection 

Schneider Electric values its people and their professional journey. 

Search the company's job opportunities today to embark on a career with purpose.


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