Schneider Electric podcast champions strength in diversity

Schneider Electric podcast champions strength in diversity

 February 23, 2022

The Schneider Electric podcast, The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful, aims to share real experiences from real people.

Episode The Skin You’re In features hosts Emma Gallagher, Rob Insull, and Carmel Bawa, who share their thoughts and experiences on important topics, including Black History Month, cancer, mental health, allyship and microaggressions.

Carmel is Schneider Electric News Editor, Global Marketing, while Emma is Employer Branding and Graduate Recruitment Lead for UK & Ireland and Rob is Segment Marketing Manager, Residential.

Personal experience of allyship

The episode shares mental health tips and the host's personal experiences. Carmel and Rob also talk to Emma about her experiences on racism and how people can be allies, while also delving into microaggressions, and how painful they can actually be.

"This episode was a bit emotional for us all and we wanted to do it justice so spent a bit more time thrashing around ideas but also doing a lot of research. As a pre-warning, the topics are hard-hitting from cancer to racism, but we felt like they needed to be covered and both are topics that we are very passionate about," shared Emma, Rob and Carmel.

Carmel, Rob and Emma discuss their journals from a mental health perspective on The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful podcast. They commit to instilling wellbeing habits throughout the month, with Rob deciding on reading before bed, an idea corresponding with bibliotherapy (reading before bedtime). "The notion is that reading can really help alleviate distress and anxiety," comments Rob.

Schneider Electric champions equality

On The Skin You’re In the hosts highlight the importance of raising awareness of Breast Cancer, discussing the need for checking yourself routinely and reporting any changes. “You need to think about what is normal for you, only you know your body as well as you do. And if you don’t know it, get to know it,” Carmel explains.

The hosts also share the importance of Black History Month, discussing the purpose of the event in celebrating the achievements and rich history of the Black community. Emma advocates the necessity for building understanding surrounding untold histories. Emma says, “I feel that it is super important to understand the history of our ancestors. Everyone needs to learn the history that makes up our world."

"People are nervous around these types of topics, and that’s normal, and that’s absolutely fine. But we do need to have the conversations, and I truly believe it’s better to ask," Emma adds.

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