Bonnie is proud of her familys longevity with Northrop Grumman

Bonnie is proud of her family's longevity with Northrop Grumman

 February 25, 2022

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Bonnie is a human resources information systems analyst at Northrop Grumman, based in Promontory in Utah, United States. Following in her father’s footsteps, Bonnie joined Thiokol Chemical Corporation, a Northrop Grumman heritage company, at the age of 27 and, in the following decades, has become matriarch of a Northrop Grumman family — her husband, brother, children, niece and grandson have all worked for the company. 

From Thiokol Chemical Corporation to today, Bonnie and her family have served more than 165 combined years at Northrop Grumman heritage companies.

A career for life

Bonnie was always taught that if you landed a job at Thiokol Chemical Corporation — a Northrop Grumman heritage company — you had a career for the rest of your life. She learned this from her father, Art, who joined Thiokol’s Promontory, Utah plant as a production operator in May 1959, when Bonnie was just three months old. Bonnie's father’s employment became more than a job: it sparked a long-lasting relationship between their family and Northrop Grumman heritage companies that has spanned four generations.

Both Bonnie and her brother Bobby have followed in their father’s footsteps. Bobby worked on the Space Shuttle program, putting in 27 years before retiring in 2005. Bobbie was hired as a recruiting clerk — at 28, the same age as her father when he was hired — and she's been with the company for 32 years.

Bonnie's father was also key in getting her husband, Roger, a job at the Promontory plant; Roger currently works on A-350 program at ASD and has served 30 years on several programs, including D5 and the Space Shuttle.

Family memories at Northrop Grumman 

Like her parents did, Bonnie and her husband moved from California to Utah for her job, with a young family in tow. Growing up, she had many family memories from her father’s job, like static fires of rocket motors, and they’ve continued to make many of those same memories with their children and grandchildren.

"Roger began taking his grandson, Jordan, to static fires when he was two years old. Once, he even took Jordan to a rocket motor ground test, where the motor fires horizontally secured by a test stand — but Jordan was disappointed because he thought it would actually launch! Jordan actually worked there for several months as a production operator, just like his great-grandfather, but moved away from the area to pursue a career in industrial technology," comments Bonnie. 

In total, Bonnie is proud to say her family has served more than 165 combined years at Northrop Grumman heritage companies. Her daughter, Desiree, has worked in flares and the Minuteman program for 13 years, while her son, Ryan, has worked flares, the Space Shuttle program and the A-350 program for 14 years. Her niece, Julie, has worked as a production operator for the D5 program for 17 years.

And, of course, there’s her father. Over his career, he became a foreman and supervisor for C4, D5, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and Minuteman programs, retiring with 33 years of service.

Opportunity to perform exciting work

Over the decades, Bonnie has come to share her father’s firm belief that this company treats employees well and provides the opportunity to perform exciting work.

"Roger and I have both done exciting work over the course of our careers. With the company’s support, I went back to school to earn a degree in information technologies and, after graduation, I continued my career path at Northrop Grumman as a human resources information systems analyst," says Bonnie.  

The company’s education assistance program was vital in achieving the goal Bonnie had set for herself. And, thanks to Roger’s work on the Space Shuttle program, the couple had the unique privilege of witnessing a Space Shuttle launch.

"The proud feeling we had after launch was incredible, especially knowing Roger actually worked on the boosters," comments Bonnie. 

"For us, this is the American dream: contributing to innovation within the space program and to our nation’s safety."

Enjoy a career for life at Northrop Grumman 

From science, technology and engineering, there are so many career possibilities at Northrop Grumman.

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