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Arcadis raises awareness about working to #BreakTheBias

Arcadis raises awareness about working to #BreakTheBias

 February 27, 2022

Arcadis has focused considerable effort building a working environment that reflects the richness of today’s society, with the company recognizing that each Arcadian, whilst united by shared goals, is proudly individual. 

Passionate about ensuring everyone feels part of its story and is able to contribute their part, Arcadis is building a culture based on one of its core values of People First and wants all Arcadians to feel they belong and can bring their personal best.

Reflecting diverse communities 

Through her International Women’s Day 2022 #BreakTheBias Influencer statement, Astrid Berkman, Sector Managing Director at Arcadis [pictured above] highlighted that the company strives for diversity and an inclusive culture, and is proud that it reflects the diverse communities that they serve.

“Our most creative and innovative solutions are generated when our people can be themselves and contribute to their full potential,” Astrid explains. 

“To achieve this, we need to #BreakTheBias and that starts with asking ourselves the honest question whether we as a person are acting in the same way, saying the same thing, using the same words when we are speaking to people of a different gender and backgrounds.

“We all have our unconscious biases, and it is up to us individually to recognise what they are and change them; that means we will have to stop, think, and truly listen to what the other person has to say and to reflect what our response is,” she says. 

Building an inclusive workplace 

ARCADIS CEO Peter Oosterveer

Peter Oosterveer, Arcadis CEO, said: “As we continue to look for ways to maximize our impact as a company, we recognize the intrinsic link between social and environmental justice,” he says. 

“Our near-term goal of a 40% female workforce is one step we’re taking towards the broader goal of building an inclusive workplace that accurately reflects the communities in which we live and work and sets a strong foundation for breaking the bias, and bringing more visibility and opportunity for women in STEM and leadership roles,” Peter Oosterveer continued. 

Diverse leadership leads to better business performance 

Arcadis Irum Malik

Irum Malik, Global Gender Affinity Group Chair, recognizes that talent comes in all forms, highlighting that Arcadis is motivated by inclusivity. 

“The facts speak for themselves. More diverse leadership leads to better business performance. But at Arcadis, that isn’t our only motivation. We recognize that talent comes in all forms. From ensuring we write inclusive job descriptions, to supporting people returning to work and providing sponsorship we are creating a fully inclusive work environment for all people, ensuring women have an opportunity to thrive in our organisation.”

Astrid says, "We will be continuing our push to #BreakTheBias in 2022, creating opportunities to improve quality of life and nurture an inclusive culture within our business."

Creating a culture where everyone can grow and thrive

Jacoline Van Blokland, Chief People Officer, says that Arcadis is passionate about and committed to living its people first value, creating a culture where everyone can grow and thrive.

"Breaking the bias and making bold moves to equalize and improve the gender balance in our workforce is critical to empowering Arcadians of all genders to flourish and feel a sense of belonging at work. Bringing this culture to life and living our people first value is key to driving the innovation, creativity and leadership needed to solve our clients’ challenges and create a more sustainable world, improving quality of life for all," Jacoline concludes. 

Arcadis sets a strong foundation to #BreakTheBias

Committed to maximizing its impact as a company, working for Arcadis is both rewarding and empowering. 

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