Charlotte Gray enjoys agile working with QBE

 March 02, 2022

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A rewarding career with QBE European Operations is supportive and collaborative, where all employees are given the confidence to achieve their ambitions and goals. The company hopes for all of its employees to enjoy the benefits of an inspiring future within a flexible and inclusive culture.

Charlotte Gray, QBE Assistant Claims Manager, is proud to work with a company recruiting diverse talent and hiring people who have a wide range of skills, backgrounds, experience, perspectives and ambition.

Supportive and inclusive employer

Charlotte joined QBE in 2015 as a Claims Analyst and in a matter of eighteen months she progressed into an Assistant Claims Manager role. She works in QBE's Special Investigations Unit, located in Leeds, United Kingdom. She is currently managing a team of fraud analysts who focus predominantly on analytical and intelligence based outputs.

Throughout her career development and progression, Charlotte continues to experience the company's commitment to creating a flexible workplace culture.

"QBE supports us with flexible working massively. They really care about the work-life balance. Agile working is a big focus at the moment. I myself work one day a week from home, and I'm able to offer the same flexibility to my team members," Charlotte explains.

"They've done meditation sessions and yoga sessions. We had a QBE netball team, which was really good. They're keen on you not staying until eight o'clock at night and working weekends. They want that quality time for you," says Charlotte.

Diversity and development with QBE

Charlotte thrives in the company's diverse culture and the enjoys the social aspects of QBE. She is passionate about personal and professional development, harnessing her efficient communication skills to maintain a strong rapport with stakeholders.

Charlotte acknowledges the career opportunities with QBE and why she believes it is a great place to work.

"I would say to a friend they should come and work at QBE because it's so diverse, there's so many options and areas that would be of interest to people. The progression opportunities are fantastic," she comments.

"Somebody that's working at QBE should be sociable, open to change, innovative, motivated, and really want to be developed, but also want to self-develop as well," adds Charlotte.

Enjoy agile and flexible working with QBE

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