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HCL Technologies honors Beata Kossakowskas advocacy

HCL Technologies honors Beata Kossakowska's advocacy

 March 04, 2022

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To mark International Women's Day, HCL Technologies is honoring Beata Kossakowska, Head of Human Resources in Poland, who has learned about people in the workplace and how to remain positive during challenging times. She is also helping HCL Technologies colleagues in Europe navigate through the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

For HCL Technologies diversity and inclusion means embracing and encompassing identities. Everyone has a unique identity that influences how they work most productively. No matter how different people, everyone needs an environment that is safe, positive, and nurturing.

"In these difficult times, it's important to still smile, along with the tears. Use your role and position to connect and do the right thing. We have to create an environment in which we are happy to come to work. We fight for people. The more I give, the more I get and I never fail with that," says Beata.

Beata's commitment to people

Beata joined HCL Technologies in 2007 as Human Resources Manager, where she assisted in the development and implementation of programs that drive increased employee satisfaction and commitment levels. In this role, Beata provided coaching and resources to employees and managers with respect to career development, compensation, staffing initiatives, and performance management and employee relations.

In 2010, Beata stared her role as Senior Human Resources Manager, where she provided strategic and tactical HR integration Support for all matters relating to Mergers and Acquisitions for HR and business functions in EMEA. She now works as General Manager Human Resources with HCL Technologies and she sees the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.

Diversity is an asset with HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies Diversity and Inclusion strategy was crafted keeping in view that every employee feels included and valued. By fostering a climate free of bias, where equity and mutual respect are intrinsic, HCL Technologies is a result-oriented and caring organization that draws intellectual strength and produces innovative solutions from the synergy of its people.

Having built and scaled a multinational enterprise over nearly four decades, HCL Technologies believes that diversity in the workplace is an asset for both businesses and employees, in its capacity to foster innovation, creativity, and empathy in ways that homogeneous environments seldom do.

It takes careful nurturing and conscious orchestration to unleash the true potential of this invaluable asset. To get the best from someone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or disabilities, HCL Technologies is committed to actively including people so that they can contribute to their fullest.

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