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The EBRD creates meaningful change for women

The EBRD creates meaningful change for women

 March 08, 2022

Women will always be at the heart of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Bank is proud to work with partners and clients to create meaningful change.

As part of International Women's Day, EBRD Director for Gender and Economic Inclusion, Barbara Rambousek, reflects on the team's work in the context of the new Gender and Equality of Opportunity Strategies.

Tackling underlying causes of the gender pay gap 

"At the EBRD, we proactively work with our clients and policy partners to promote gender equality and open up access to economic opportunity for women. We do this by tackling some of the underlying causes of the gender pay gap, and that is equal pay for equal work, but also by supporting women into the types of jobs that tend to be better remunerated," comments Barbara.

"We want to make sure that women can access the jobs of the future: in digital technologies, in the green sector, but also in areas that are emerging, particularly related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics," she says.

Barbara continues, "We work very proactively with our clients, across all sectors and all of our regions in order to open up these opportunities for women.

"Later this year we very much look forward to launching our next strategy for the promotion of gender equality. With this strategy we look to further scaling up and expanding our activities to promote gender equality, including in new areas such as the care economy, but also to ensure that we tackle all forms of gender-based violence and harassment across our operations."

"I very much look forward to working with all our partners and with our clients on this important endeavour," Barbara concludes.

The EBRD promotes gender equality

The EBRD, with its strong private sector focus and its extensive experience promoting policy dialogue in the countries where it works, has a significant role to play in countering the dynamics of gender inequality.

Gender equality is an integral part of the EBRD's commitment to promoting sustainable and inclusive market economies through its project and policy activities. Despite progress, women worldwide do not fully experience equal rights, and their economic, social, leadership and development potential often remains untapped.

The Bank’s Strategic and Capital Framework (SCF) 2021-2025 underlines the importance of equality of opportunity in shaping transition in its countries of operations, in addition to the other two cross-cutting themes of green and digital.

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The EBRD is committed to opening up access to economic opportunities for women.

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