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Meet Alexis Olans Haass, Arcadis Chief Sustainability Officer

Meet Alexis Olans Haass, Arcadis Chief Sustainability Officer

 March 16, 2022

Arcadis Chief Sustainability Officer, Alexis Olans Haass is featured as Intrapreneur of the Week in an interview with the League of Intrapreneurs - a group that connects intrapreneurs from around the world to support their work.

Alexis is an advocate of carving one's own path to solving world issues. In her role with Arcadis, she is on a mission helping forge a net zero world, that is fair for all.

Improving quality of life for all

"Arcadis is a design and engineering firm. We're trying to accelerate the transition to a net zero world in a way that improves quality of life for all...we need to go faster than where we're going right now. And infrastructure and design and engineering is the place where you can move the mountain the most in a way that improves quality of life for all," explains Alexis.

"We need equity in the outcome. We need to just transition. So this is the most important thing that we do, is that we transform our world faster in a way that actually produces the kind of world that we actually deserve - because I can't help being otherwise. I think you should determine your own job. There are jobs that need to be done out there in the world and somebody's not going to hand them to you. So you need to go make them for yourself." 

Building relationships is key

Offering salient career advice, Alexis suggests that relationships matter more than anything else. "Make sure you're connected to the right people. Go build that relationship. Make it happen," she says.

Find your passion

"Make sure that you're doing the kind of work you think is important and needs to be done and gets you excited and passionate, because you'll transmit that passion to everybody else," says Alexis.

Build a movement 

Alexis advises to " make sure you're building a movement around you" and to "make sure you've got people around you who think of like mind."

Words to live by

When asked about what words are key to her, Alexis says the words taught to her by my mother early on are key.

"I don't take no for an answer if they haven't convinced you yet," reflects Alexis. 

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