Clouderas Laura Hughes is breaking the glass ceiling

Cloudera's Laura Hughes is breaking the glass ceiling

 March 16, 2022

Cloudera is committed to removing gender bias across all facets of the business, and ensuring the company fosters an environment where women are recognized and represented in leadership positions and key roles, across all disciplines.

Cloudera wants to be recognized as an organization where employees can be hugely successful, where everyone can contribute to developing a strong culture, and where any individual, irrespective of role, has the ability to drive change.

Meet Laura Hughes, an Engineering Program Manager with Cloudera.

"Here at Cloudera, we make the workplace better for everybody by understanding them as a whole person, who they are beyond their role, and beyond the workplace. I’m not just an Engineering Program Manager, I’m also acknowledged and supported as a busy mom to three young boys," says Laura.

"Balancing work and home can be stressful for many women in the workplace, and Cloudera has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to mental well-being and a focus on 'Family First' as a key value driver. Not only am I encouraged, empowered and supported to do my best work, but I’m also given the flexibility to attend childcare or other family commitments as needed. When I was exploring positions and going through interviews, I wanted to make sure I chose a company that placed the same values on family as I do," she explains.

"I’m proud to work at a company where I can tell my boys that instead of wearing glass slippers, their mom is breaking the glass ceiling in Engineering," comments Laura.

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