Capgemini is Global Partner of Women in Rugby program

Capgemini is Global Partner of Women in Rugby program

 March 23, 2022

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Capgemini has announced the expansion of its partnership with World Rugby as Global Partner of the Women in Rugby program. The partnership will help accelerate the development of the women’s game and women’s leadership throughout the sport.

Via a five-year partnership, Capgemini will be a Worldwide Partner for the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2021 (played in October 2022) and 2025 and an active supporter of the Women in Rugby program, aimed at developing all aspects of the game for a more diverse and inclusive practice of the sport.

Capgemini is committed to the development of women's rugby

Capgemini is a key long-term partner to World Rugby and has been supporting women’s rugby since 2018 as Global Partner of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. In line with its commitment to the development of the sport, its diversity and its inclusiveness, the Group is adding a new dimension to its women’s rugby partnership by becoming, for the next five years:

  • A Global Partner of the Women in Rugby program to support women’s rugby on and off the pitch, in particular through the “Capgemini Women in Rugby Leadership Program”
  • A Worldwide Partner for the women’s Rugby World Cup 2021 (played in October/November 2022 in New Zealand) and Rugby World Cup 2025
  • A Global Partner of WXV (women 15s), the new annual global women’s competition due to start in 2023

An employer supporting equal opportunities for women

Capgemini is the first Worldwide Partner to sponsor World Rugby (as Digital Transformation Partner and now Global Partner of Women in Rugby), as well as most of its major international competitions, for both men and now women.

Capgemini Global Partner Women in Rugby program

“I am very enthusiastic about this new chapter in Capgemini’s rugby story, and about the impressive growth of women’s rugby. As a responsible, global leader of 325,000 employees in more than 50 countries, we are committed to supporting equal opportunities for women, in the workplace and on the sportsfield. As Global Partner of the Women in Rugby program, we will be able to leverage our experience in developing talent to support and progress women’s rugby from the ground up," says Aiman Ezzat, Capgemini's Chief Executive Officer.

“We are delighted to be expanding our relationship with Capgemini through this landmark partnership for the women’s game. This partnership will see Capgemini invest not only in our major women’s competitions, but also in driving a core element of our strategic plan as collectively we strive to develop more female leaders throughout the global game," comments Alan Gilpin, World Rugby Chief Executive.

"As an organization that is driven by purpose and inclusivity, Capgemini will play a huge role in supporting and sharing World Rugby’s ambition of ensuring rugby is a global leader in sport, where women have equality on and off the field of play," continues Alan.

"With just over six months to go until Rugby World Cup 2021, our preparations are going extremely well, and we are on track for this to be a fantastic celebration of women’s rugby. New Zealand will be fantastic hosts and will provide the ultimate stage for the international role models of the 15s game to inspire so many," he adds.

Inspirational female leaders in rugby

World Rugby is rolling out its ambitious ‘Accelerating the Global Development of Women in Rugby’ 2017-25 strategic plan, focusing on competition, participation and engagement. Capgemini will champion in particular the “Leadership” pillar of this initiative, and the development of the “Capgemini Women in Rugby Leadership Program”, leveraging the expertise of its own internal University.

Since its inception, World Rugby’s Executive Leadership Scholarship program has awarded scholarships to inspirational women from 48 countries globally. It identifies and supports the current and next generation of female leaders in world rugby, supporting role models to fulfil their potential and create further parity across the game.

Capgemini’s 30-year passion for rugby

Capgemini’s heritage in rugby began with the Group’s founder, the late Serge Kampf, who was a lifelong rugby fan and sponsor of the sport. Capgemini started supporting French domestic clubs 30 years ago, and was Official Technology and Consulting sponsor for Rugby World Cup 2007 in France.

Capgemini is currently the Global Innovation Partner for the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, among other commitments, and announced becoming Worldwide Partner of Rugby World Cup France 2023 and Digital Transformation Partner to World Rugby in September 2021.

Capgemini is a global company based in over 50 countries. It is present across major rugby heartlands such as England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, Argentina, Japan and Australia, as well as New Zealand, which is due to host Rugby World Cup 2021 in October this 2022. The Group will continue to promote the sport for both women and men, across all its international locations.

This long-term partnership with World Rugby embodies many of Capgemini’s core brand values, in particular team spirit and fun, and its commitment to creating inclusive workplaces. With its diverse global fanbase, rugby is fully aligned with Capgemini’s conviction that it is through true diversity of thought and approach that the most innovative solutions are developed, and value is created.

Work for a company championing women in leadership

Capgemini is committed to developing opportunities for women.

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