European Investment Bank (EIB) protects, impacts and invests

European Investment Bank (EIB) protects, impacts and invests

 March 24, 2022

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As the bank of the European Union, European Investment Bank (EIB) is committed to the EU’s objectives and values, and aspires to live up to one of its founding principles – United in Diversity.

Diversity and Inclusion encompass everything that makes the Bank what it is. EIB believes that encouraging colleagues to be comfortable bringing their identities to work is essential to the success and development of the Bank, and reflects Europe itself. The diverse backgrounds, perspectives and passions help the EIB shape the inclusive environment in which it works every day.

"We champion diversity and inclusion not only because of the undeniable business benefits they bring, but also because we truly value their power to enrich our environment," comments Werner Hoyer, President.

Inclusion fosters greater motivation 

A diverse and inclusive workplace is the key to having higher performing colleagues, more innovative solutions and greater motivation and engagement. An inclusive culture requires both action and commitment. The EIB believes it is the responsibility of each and every one at the Bank to foster inclusion.

EIB realises its vision of a work environment where everyone contributes to the best of their ability through the Strategy for Diversity and Inclusion, which is centred on three pillars:

  • Protect
  • Impact
  • Invest

The three priority areas of the EIB's internal Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Strategy echo those of the EIB Group Gender Strategy in Operations, which provides an overarching framework for embedding gender equality considerations and, in particular, women’s economic empowerment in the Group’s activities.

In the spotlight: women at the EIB

Since 2018, the Bank has published an annual diversity and inclusion report to demonstrate the progress made. The Bank continues to strengthen its efforts and embed the concept of diversity and inclusion within the fabric of the institution.

Gender balance further improved in 2020 at senior officer and officer level. Although the percentage of management positions held by women remained stable, two of the three externally recruited candidates at management level were women.

To help reach 2021 targets, significant efforts were made across the Bank to make sure diversity and inclusion are always considered in all key HR processes. In addition, further initiatives aimed at boosting gender balance at all levels of the organisation have been introduced.

Sports and disability: first-hand experience

Ensuring that staff have a healthy work-life balance is core to EIB's values as the EU Bank.

Sport is a great vehicle for inclusion and integration. Being physically active and healthy is good in itself, but sports also has the potential for positive mental, personal and social outcomes.

The European Investment Bank offers an inclusive workplace 

The EIB is committed to diversity and inclusion, which is embedded in the fabric of the institution. 

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