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HCL Winspiration platform hosts iconic business leaders

HCL Winspiration platform hosts iconic business leaders

 March 28, 2022

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In Episode 9 of the HCL Technologies (HCL) Winspiration sessions, Christa Petros, Vice President of Product Development for SiriusXM discusses how making people feel vital to success encourages them to step up during times of need. 

Christa joins Tracy Pyle, Head of Citizen Digital Center, BP Plc; Bindhu AT, Chief Information Officer, Wealth Management, BMO Financial Group; and Rajesh Sitaraman, Senior Vice President, HCL Technologies, for an exclusive conversation about turning milestones into inspiration, as they share their paths to winning with technology innovation. 

Sharing life lessons and vision for future technology

Winspiration is HCL Technologies unique roundtable that brings together leaders who have been recognized and awarded for their innovative use of technology to build enterprises of tomorrow, today.

At HCL Technologies, technology and innovation are the key drivers in helping enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age, while empowering workforces, enabling transformation across industries, and bringing positive change in the society at large. HCL Technologies presents some of the world's uniquely gifted individuals to share their life lessons and vision for the technology of the future.

Platforming icons in the business world

HCL Technologies understands that today's business world is riddled with disruptions and new possibilities. Those who creatively blend technology with business clearly take the lead. HCL Technologies considers itself privileged to host some of these individuals on this unique platform. In fact, their success is no secret. Having won accolades for their achievement, these leaders have become icons in the world of business.

Through a series of virtual sessions, HCL Technologies provides a platform to the industry leaders to share their success stories with their peers, aspiring leaders, and budding innovators - an opportunity to be heard by the rest of the world and a chance to 'winspire' future generations.

Work alongside inspiring individuals at HCL Technologies 

The culture of innovation and collaboration at HCL Technologies has given rise to a number of key enablers and tools to bring about positive business impact.

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