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HCLs Winspiration series features inspiring female leaders

HCL's Winspiration series features inspiring female leaders

 March 30, 2022

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HCL Technologies (HCL) Winspiration series Episode 8 focuses on conversations with inspiring women leaders. 

The episode features Shannon Bell, Senior Vice President – IT, Rogers Communications; Deepika Manglani, Vice President, Los Angeles Times; Leslie Scott, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Stanley Black & Decker; Meghan Hendricks, Vice President, Ascension Health; and Anil Ganjoo, Chief Growth Officer, HCL Technologies.

Recipe for success 

When looking at the recipe for success, Shannon states, "For me personally, some of it comes from my parents and their values when I was young. Things like word hard, taking in pride in what you do, there are no shortcuts and making mistakes is ok. That's difficult to wrap your head around, but I really believe that making mistakes is OK as long as you learn from them. Also, there's always room for improvement, different ways to look at a problem, different approaches - noone has all the answers. 

"If I look back on my career it's really about being humble and self-aware and knowing what you don't know. It's also about surrounding yourself with a great team. The team is absolutely critical because you can't do everything yourself, and you also need to compensate for your weaknesses, and if you understand what those are, you can make sure you have a team that really brings out the best in all areas. And then, grow the talent. I think it's our responsibility to grow the talent across the organization and ensure we have teams of people that are capable to come and grow with the organization," Shannon continues.  

Meanwhile, Deepika discusses how her curiosity to learn more has played a key role in her career. She encourages her teams to develop an inquisitive mindset as she believes that constant upskilling leads to success.

Further women featured

HCL winspiration

Watch Meghan Hendricks, Vice President, Ascension Health, discuss her learnings from work in the technology industry. A true visionary, Meghan talks about integrity and a culture of inclusivity as the building blocks of successful businesses.

HCL winspiration women

Catch Bindhu AT, CIO, Wealth Management, BMO Financial Group, share her lessons from her work in technology and the power of teamwork at HCL Technologies’ Winspiration.

Showcasing recognized leaders 

Winspiration is HCL's unique roundtable that brings together leaders who have been recognized and awarded for their innovative use of technology to build enterprises of tomorrow, today.

At HCL, technology and innovation are the key drivers in helping enterprises re-imagine their businesses for the digital age, while empowering workforces, enabling transformation across industries, and bringing positive change in the society at large. The company is proud to present some of the world's uniquely gifted individuals to share their life lessons and vision for the technology of the future.

HCL Technologies empowers women 

Working for a company that so actively supports female talent, can provide great job satisfaction. 

Search jobs at HCL to discover new career possibilities. 


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