Medtronic celebrates inspiring female employees through history

Medtronic celebrates inspiring female employees through history

 March 31, 2022

Medtronic is proud to celebrate the Medtronic women of yesterday and today.

As the company reflects on Women's History Month, it shines a spotlight on the extraordinary contributions of the women of Medtronic that helped the company get where it is today.

Join Medtronic in a journey through time

Medtronic women Tachyarrhythmia Management PCD production team

Pictured here in the 1990s, women from the Tachyarrhythmia Management PCD production team helped reduce the product assembly time by 80 per cent, thus creating a more efficient process for delivering Medtronic's life-saving tech.

Helping form women employee resource groups 

Medtronic women employee resource groups

Medtronic's culture of inclusion, diversity, and equity is made possible by committed employees. Shown here, the company recognizes two women who helped form Employee Resource Groups that are still active today.

Contributions to cardiac technology

Medtronic first woman flagship cardiac technology

In the late 1970s, Maria M. Rose was the first woman at Medtronic to file for and receive a patent. Here Medtronic recognizes her contributions to advancing its flagship cardiac technology.

Women accomplishments 

Medtronic elevating women in STEM

Paying it forward

"Back in the day, you were just one of the guys. But looking back, I see it could have been different. And now I’m trying to pay it forward alongside other women in science and engineering,” says Nancy Brainerd, Senior Director, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at Medtronic.

Grounded in its Mission, the company recognizes the accomplishments of women at Medtronic making its life-saving technologies possible.

Learn more about the company's commitment to elevating and retaining women in STEM.

Become an inspiring Medtronic woman 

The more inclusion, diversity, and equity Medtronic can foster, and the more it celebrates women in STEM, the greater its impact becomes.

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