QBE shares how the pandemic has changed flexible working

QBE shares how the pandemic has changed flexible working

 April 20, 2022

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QBE European Operations is a flexible employer. Looking at a hybrid working model, Emma Higgins Chief People Officer, explains that the pandemic has proven to be a gamechanger for an alternative way of working.

Showing the impossible was doable 

"Employees across the globe have shown the ‘impossible’ was doable and expectations for hybrid working to stay are high. But what is the best approach and what do companies need to consider?" she says. 

Hybrid working is essentially making one or more of the characteristics that define the workplace more flexible. Two of the more important characteristics are where and when a job is done. Understanding how these factors impact the productivity of work, and the other risks and opportunities they introduce, is an important first step in defining your hybrid working approach.

Flexibility depending on the job and situation 

"Hybrid working arrangements are often combinations of these approaches with greater or lesser degrees of flexibility depending on the job and situation. This can range from fully remote to fully onsite and any number of combinations in between. Equally, work times can range from the fixed to the fully flexible," comments Emma. 

Even before the pandemic, many companies adopted “common hours” policies that defined when people would be available to work with other colleagues but allowed flexibility outside of those times to get focused work done.

"For many the lack of “in person” collaboration has hindered the ability to innovate and while there is undeniably something inspiring about batting ideas about in the same room as one another," explains Emma.

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