Clouderas Renee Dvir explains the untapped potential of data

Cloudera's Renee Dvir explains the untapped potential of data

 April 20, 2022

Cloudera Solutions Engineering Manager, Renee Dvir, discusses the untapped potential of data for organizations in a blog titled From the Ground Up: The Truth About Data Innovation.

"Data holds incredible untapped potential for Australian organizations across industries, regardless of individual business goals, and all organizations are at different points in their data transformation journey with some achieving success faster than others," explains Renee. 

Renee shares that, to be successful, the use of data insights must become a central life force throughout an organization and not just reside within the confines of the IT team.

"More importantly, effective data strategies don’t stand still. They are living and breathing, constantly evolving to consider new information, technologies, and shifts in the wider market environment," she says. 

Creating a data culture and centralising infrastructure

To complement the role of leaders, organizations should consider appointing data champions at every level to help create a data-driven internal culture, explains Renee. 

"All employees should be aware of the data strategy and its benefits, and they should understand how to access and use data. Where data flows, ideas follow, and having access to data is where we start making the impossible possible. Having a centralized data source makes it easier for teams to manage and access information while creating a collaborative culture, but achieving this continues to be a challenge," she says. 

Becoming data-driven 

Renee spoke to a group of data decision makers in Sydney and had many encouraging conversations about their data experiences so far.

"In many ways, Australian businesses are very data savvy, actively exploring ways to create more powerful data-driven strategies within their organizations. But there is still room for improvement, and an all-important shift in mindset still needs to happen for many organizations if they hope to create a truly data-driven culture," she concludes. 

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