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'Proud of what we do' at Diageo

Leading premium drinks company Diageo is strengthening the message of its ‘proud of what we do’ campaign message with the announcement that 38% of its Executive Committee are women, one of the highest in the FTSE 100.

With plans to grow their leadership to be 35% women by 2020, Diageo is making bold moves to address the gender balance in their company.

Created by entrepreneurs, philanthropists and people of extraordinary character and heart, Diageo's #proudofwhatwedo campaign ultimately celebrates its great achievements in Sustainability and Alcohol in Society.

In this video we meet two women who job-share their roles on the Futures Team at Diageo. These impressive women look for opportunities across science, society and technology to help drive revolutionary growth for the company.

There are many exciting opportunities at Diageo across marketing through to engineering apprenticeships.


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