The EIB Group stands in support with the LGBTQI community

The EIB Group stands in support with the LGBTQI community

 April 27, 2022

The European Investment Bank (EIB Group) is an inclusive employer. EIB President Werner Hoyer highlights the Bank's commitment to supporting the LGBTIQ community. 

Committed to ensuring all rights are respected

Werner acknowledges that LGBTQI individuals still face injustice and discrimination in many parts of the world, including Europe. For Werner, this is: "unacceptable".

"LGBTQI rights are human rights. At the EIB we are committed to ensuring that these rights are respected in our operations as well as in our workplace," he says. "In our operations we have adopted a zero tolerance approach for reprisals, intimidations, threats, harassment, violence or any other abuse against the LGBTQI community."

Prioritizing inclusion in project investment 

Furthermore, Werner explains that when the EIB Group decides whether or not to finance a project, its teams are always on the lookout for any form of discrimination or exclusion. 

"Our due diligence process looks specifically at parts of a project where there is a risk of limiting equal LGBTQI access to project benefits."

The EIB continues to condemn alongside its fellow EU institutions any law or practice that curtails these rights.

Creating an inclusive workplace for all employees

In its workplace, the EIB Group applies the same principles. "Our staff are free to be who they are without fear of any form of discrimination or reprisal," comments Werner.  

"Creating an inclusive workplace in which every individual can thrive and bring their best and true selves to work is at the core of the European Investment Bank's DNA."

"Everyone gains when we embrace diversity and everyone loses when we don't. There is still much to do for LGBTQI inclusion and we can all help let us show our support," he concludes. 

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