EIB Group employees describe what diversity means to them

 April 28, 2022

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The European Investment Bank (EIB Group) values diversity and inclusion, with its motto being protect, impact and invest. The EIB Group is pushing the economic empowerment of women through a range of projects, initiatives and partnerships.

Reinforcing equal opportunities for all 

When asked what diversity and inclusion means for them, the EIB Group employees use words like: open-minded, equality, connectivity, multi-colored, value, strength, non-discrimination. 

EIB employee Maj Theander explains: "At the EIB Group we value diversity and inclusion, and with our third diversity and inclusion strategy, we want to accelerate action. Our strategy is based on three pillars. Protect, which means ensuring equal opportunities for all. Impact, where we aim to create a more inclusive work environment. And we need to invest, to make sure that we have on board those colleagues who best complement our teams."

For Agnieszka Szmidt wiorking in EIB's Projects area, the EIB Group's focus on diversity provided her the with courage and confidence to truly be herself.

Cindy Peignois who works in the Bank's General Secretariat says: "I think every single gesture and behaviour counts and can make a difference. It can be every smile, every positive attitude. It can be the time you devote to other people and listen to them and be open to others. It can really make a difference."

Dermot Murphy from EIB's General Secretariat highlights the Bank's LGBT network and says: "It is a network in the Bank for people of different sexual orientations. I think that's a good initiative at the Bank."

David Levy, a Financial Controller at the Bank, explains: "When we recruit, we are not looking at the gender balance, but we also look at the professional experience and at the background of that person so that in the team we never have the same profile."

Thomas Bastock who works in Finance comments: "People need to be braver, contribute, and work in closer collaboration with others. Challenge yourself, more networking, and new ideas all can lead to better creativity and success."

The EIB Group values diversity and inclusion 

Working for an entity that highly values and empowers its employees can provide a very rewarding career move. 

Discover the EIB Group's career opportunities and become part of their inclusive team. 


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