Medtronic marks Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Medtronic marks Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

 May 03, 2022

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month takes place annually each May and recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities to the United States. 

President Jimmy Carter signed the first presidential proclamation for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week in 1979, with the United States exploring and celebrating AAPI history, culture and accomplishments annually since then. 

Applauding achievements of Asian American & Pacific Islander employees 

In celebrating Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Medtronic applauds the extraordinary achievements of colleagues like Minn Rose, a 12-year veteran at Medtronic Senior Program program, Global Supplier Quality, and Former Chair, AIM-Twin Cities Minnesota.

Fostering an inclusive culture 

Medtronic seeds its culture to foster inclusion, ignite confidence, and build a sense of community so that all of its employees can grow and thrive.

And to make sure the seeds Medtronic plant take root and grow, its managers are expected to ensure their team members are heard, and their ideas cultivated and leveraged to make a difference.

Medtronic embraces a diverse workplace 

Looking to join a company where diversity is celebrated and inclusivity is championed?

Medtronic has diverse team of innovators who bring their worldview, unique backgrounds, and individual life experiences to work every day.

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