Jessica enjoys a career in cybersecurity at Medtronic

Jessica enjoys a career in cybersecurity at Medtronic

 May 05, 2022

Growing up, Jessica had a strong interest in computers and technology.

A personal connection to Medtronic products led her to a career in cybersecurity at the company, and now Medtronic's mission remains the engine that drives her work.

Working in an exciting industry

Working in data protection for high value data in Medtronic's global security office, Jessica finds healthcare exciting. She gets to be on the front row of everything, including all the changes and advancements in technology. 

A personal connection to Medtronic

As a kid, Jessica had a lot of computer time and started taking HTML coding classes in high school. When her grandfather was diagnosed with his heart-related condition, doctors told him that he didn't have much time to live, but then once he became a Medtronic patient and got one of the company's devices, Jessica explains it "truly did extend his life."

Living the Medtronic Mission

By the time Jessica graduated, Medtronic was one of the companies that she was really trying to get into. 

"I think when I first came here everyone talks about the mission and how they're here for the Mission, they came for the mission, they stay for the Mission. I thought that that was just something that people said because they didn't know what else to say but after having a personal connection with my grandfather it really is something that comes to mind quite often," she concludes.

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