Medtronic Software engineer Abi Atoba shares her career path

Medtronic Software engineer Abi Atoba shares her career path

 May 06, 2022

Abi Atoba describes how attending the National Society of Black Engineers Convention led her to a career as a Software Engineer at Medtronic.

She shares advice for others interested in starting a career at Medtronic.

Impressed by Medtronic's impact

Abi admits she was "mind-blown" when she looked at what Medtronic was doing for people all over the world and saving lives.

"I really didn't think that there will be anything for somebody in tech or engineering in healthcare in that capacity," she says.

A wide range of careers available

Abi initially discovered Medtronic at the National Society for Black Engineers Conference in 2019. She describes her career at Medtronic as "amazing", and she loves being in tech working at Medtronic.

"That's something a lot of people don't actually know that we do here. And when it comes to various engineering careers, you can anything you can think about. We do everything here," she explains.

"You can be your best self and still do what you like and what you love to do at Medtronic."

Advice for pursuing a Medtronic career

Abi also shares her advice for those seeking a career at Medtronic, particularly at conferences.

"When you meet the recruiters, when you go to the Medtronic booth, just be yourself. That's the first thing and that's that's how I was able to connect another level with the recruiters and the people that worked at Medtronic," she explains.

"That's the opportunity for you to actually show yourself, distinguish yourself from other people and not just be one of so many candidates. So just take the opportunity to meet with recruiters and connect, and see where that takes you."

Be celebrated for your individuality at Medtronic 

At Medtronic you can join a diverse team of innovators who bring their worldview, unique backgrounds, and individual life experiences to work every day.

Visit the Medtronic careers page to discover an exciting role. 


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