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EBRD supports the important role of women in agriculture

EBRD supports the important role of women in agriculture

 May 12, 2022

Gender equality is an integral part of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's (EBRD) commitment to promoting sustainable and inclusive market economies through its project and policy activities.

EBRD's Associate Director, Gender & Economic Inclusion, Biljana Radonjic Ker-Lindsay, joined an industry-leading panel of guest speakers via ALVÁTECH's thought-provoking In pursuit of sustainability: The important role of women in agriculture webinar.

Biljana discussed the important role agritech can play in supporting women in agriculture.

Empowering female farmers and achieving agricultural sustainability are two key principles of water technology pioneer ALVÁTECH. It is a fitting topic for the first in a series of Webinars with Purpose. The exciting guests ranged from sustainability visionaries, social entrepreneurs and development agents. 

The webinar provided opportunities to learn more about the need to invest in women's empowerment in agriculture and hear about the various benefits that come with it, from an increase in efficiency, productivity and sustainability, to considerable progress in attaining food security.

Meanwhile ALVÁTECH's sustainable, solar-powered water technology enables ten of millions of farmers to grow crops with less water even when using saline water. With ALVÁTECH, farmers can increase revenue and profits by saving valuable irrigation water, increasing production and reducing fertilizer usage. Governments use ALVÁTECH technology to achieve food and water security, and transform entire regions faster, cheaper and in a more sustainable way than any other alternative. It is successfully working in six continents providing a green solution and hope to millions while creating a social and environmental green legacy.

The EBRD champions gender equality for women in agriculture

The EBRD, with its strong private sector focus and its extensive experience promoting policy dialogue in the countries where it works, has a significant role to play in countering gender inequalities, and instead enabling countries to leverage the contribution that greater gender equality can make to faster recovery and sustainable, long-term growth.

The EBRD has robust safeguard policies and puts a particular emphasis on economic inclusion, gender equality and stakeholder engagement. Through its investments in sectors such as water supply, wastewater treatment systems, public transport and sustainable energy, the EBRD makes a real difference to peoples' lives.

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